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by GushingDizzy
Fri 18. Jan 2019, 19:56
Forum: Pen Tablets
Topic: Troubles in Unity
Replies: 1
Views: 318

Troubles in Unity

I have an Intuos Pro, about a year old. I can't seem to get the back button -assigned to right-click- to work properly in the 3D viewport in Unity. It acts like a left-click (pen-tip) button. It works fine in other areas of Unity, but not for 3d viewport navigation. I have the front button assigned ...
by GushingDizzy
Mon 18. Jun 2018, 02:18
Forum: Pen Tablets
Topic: Why is this necessary? (solution to Photoshop problem)
Replies: 0
Views: 770

Why is this necessary? (solution to Photoshop problem)

I have FINALLY found a solution that allows the pressure sensitivity of my Intuos Pro to work in Photoshop

It's been working fine for me on all other painting and 3D sculpting software, just not Photoshop, and it's been driving me crazy for the past year.
by GushingDizzy
Mon 6. Nov 2017, 00:14
Forum: Pen Tablets
Topic: Blue Tooth problems
Replies: 1
Views: 859

Blue Tooth problems

I just got a new Intuos Pro the other day, and the Blue Tooth is extremely unreliable. I'll have it working fine, then I'll go away for five minutes and it will have stopped working and I'll need to plug it back in again. Sometimes it disconnects while I'm using it, and others it won't connect at al...

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