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by akhenaton
Tue 24. Sep 2019, 16:26
Forum: Pen Displays
Topic: Cintiq Pro 13
Replies: 1
Views: 89

Cintiq Pro 13

Hello, I got a Cintiq Pro 13 as a gift. I didn't know this surface was missing physical buttons...incredible. Is there a smart way to switch from the cintiq to another monitor instead of using the touch menu? I can't believe it tho... a display like this doesn't have a single button to toggle displa...
by akhenaton
Wed 15. May 2019, 13:42
Forum: Pen Computers
Topic: Companion 1 to external Monitor...
Replies: 2
Views: 1124

Re: Companion 1 to external Monitor...


Yeah I know but if I change the orientation from the Windows Display Settings, my Companion goes back to normal while the monitor goes upside down.
It's like if they are connected but inverted... don't know if it's clear
by akhenaton
Tue 14. May 2019, 18:52
Forum: Pen Computers
Topic: Companion 1 to external Monitor...
Replies: 2
Views: 1124

Companion 1 to external Monitor...

Hello all, So I managed to connect my Cintiq Companion 1 to an external Monitor (HP 2335). Now the main problem is that as soon as I connect the screen the Companion flips the monitor and everything is upside down. So basically I got - Cintiq Companion 1 (lefhanded usage) upside down - HP monitor wo...

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