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by ClessAurion
Mon 6. Jul 2020, 02:43
Forum: Drivers
Topic: [Windows] Stuck modifier key issue
Replies: 1
Views: 1927

[Windows] Stuck modifier key issue

Using windows 10 here. The issue got WAY worse with the last driver update. Pretty much making the express key not worth the cost (since the price was quite high to begin with) since pressing 2 buttons at the same time forces me to restart the whole service and thus, making me restart all running pr...
by ClessAurion
Mon 29. Jun 2020, 04:05
Forum: Pen Displays
Topic: wtabletservicepro keeps crashing over and over
Replies: 2
Views: 988

Re: wtabletservicepro keeps crashing over and over

Well, it technically doesn't crash I guess since it is still running, my bad, but the issue won't be solved until I restart manually the service or restart the whole system. The cursor won't stick to the tablet's screen no matter what you do (and switching displays won't help nor will the display to...
by ClessAurion
Sun 14. Jun 2020, 05:23
Forum: Pen Displays
Topic: wtabletservicepro keeps crashing over and over
Replies: 2
Views: 988

wtabletservicepro keeps crashing over and over

So there is this annoying bug that has been around for years already that if you unplug a tablet the wtabletservicepro will crash and require restarting the service if you ever plug in again any tablet (only tried it with cintiq pro 13 and cintiq 13HD). I've tested this with multiple computers on ov...

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