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by Polart
Thu 8. Oct 2020, 13:49
Forum: Pen Displays
Topic: Pro Pen 2 issues on Cintiq 22
Replies: 2
Views: 1660

Pro Pen 2 issues on Cintiq 22

Since recent I am using the Cintiq 22 afters decades of drawing on an Intuos tablet. I enjoy the Cintiq very much however I am having some issues with the Pro 2 Pen. I keep getting blotches at the end of a line. As if it is over sensitive. Through my Intuos tablets I have now two Pro 2 pens and an o...
by Polart
Mon 5. Oct 2020, 11:21
Forum: Pen Displays
Topic: Cintiq 22 How can I prevent the blotch at end of nearly every line?
Replies: 0
Views: 2077

Cintiq 22 How can I prevent the blotch at end of nearly every line?

Hi, On my Cintiq 22 the ProPen 2 gives me thick bloches at end of 2 out of 3 lines I draw in Photoshop. Very annoying and disturbing my workflow. The older ProPen with lesser pressure levels does not show this issue. I have two Pro Pen 2 models, one that came wih an older Intuos. Both show the blotc...
by Polart
Fri 2. Oct 2020, 16:43
Forum: Pen Displays
Topic: Purchasing a new Cintiq 22" vs 24" pro
Replies: 9
Views: 2200

Re: Purchasing a new Cintiq 22" vs 24" pro

I had the same dilemma when jumping on the Cintiq band wagon coming from decades on Intuos tabets. I do work as a pro illustrator so the choice should have been obvious. But I went for the 22 and I am happy with it. That said I have it hooked to a retina iMac that I use as reference screen. The lowe...
by Polart
Fri 2. Oct 2020, 16:31
Forum: Pen Displays
Topic: Felt nibs for Pro Pen 2
Replies: 0
Views: 2043

Felt nibs for Pro Pen 2

Hi, I am new to this forum. I am working as a professional illustrator in The Netherlands. My Wacom tools are an Intuos Pro Large and a Cintiq 22. I have always preferred the felt nibs on the Pro Pen 1. And I also prefer to use them on the Cintiq. However I have to use the older pen for that. It wor...

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