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by wacom5
Mon 8. Jul 2019, 12:51
Forum: Pen Computers
Topic: videoediting on mobilestudio pro
Replies: 1
Views: 37

Re: videoediting on mobilestudio pro

Hi, Make sure you set the power saving settings for maximum performance and that the graphics drivers are up to date. Aside from that, there are other optimisations you can do software wise. I would recommend you to check with your video editing software developer for more tips. Also, check the foll...
by wacom5
Mon 8. Jul 2019, 12:44
Forum: Pen Computers
Topic: Sound is stuttering
Replies: 2
Views: 48

Re: Sound is stuttering

Hi, Does this happen with your speaker / headphones when connected to another device? Does it also happen when you connect another device to your MobileStudio Pro? The way you describe the issue, should like interference. Check the surrounding environment and make sure there are no devices with the ...
by wacom5
Mon 8. Jul 2019, 12:37
Forum: Pen Computers
Topic: Interface too small
Replies: 2
Views: 80

Re: Interface too small

Hello and welcome, This seems like an issue that the software developer needs to address. The resolution and scalling of the MobileStudio Pro has nothing out of the ordinary. It's simply 4k with a 16:9 aspect ratio. There is nothing unique to Wacom that needs to be supported in this regard. Most of ...
by wacom5
Fri 5. Jul 2019, 08:04
Forum: Smartpads
Topic: Overall feel great, but what if some options were improoved..
Replies: 2
Views: 206

Re: Overall feel great, but what if some options were improoved..

Hello, Thanks a lot for your feedback. It is very much appreciated. I will forward this to the relevant team. Some of the issues you raised are things being worked on (like the jpeg resolution on Windows or the Chrome cast support) and will only get better over time. For some of your other questions...
by wacom5
Wed 3. Jul 2019, 08:27
Forum: Pen Computers
Topic: MSP 16 battery swelling and followed issues
Replies: 11
Views: 844

Re: MSP 16 battery swelling and followed issues

Please contact support as soon as possible if you haven't already - https://support.wacom.com The swelling might start before the update and at one point it might be to late even with the Firmware patch. When the device was developed we could not anticipate this would be an issue. This was not picke...
by wacom5
Mon 1. Jul 2019, 15:27
Forum: Pen Tablets
Topic: You just lost a customer.
Replies: 1
Views: 94

Re: You just lost a customer.

Hello, We don't delete posts or threads unless they are in direct violation of the Forum Terms of Use - http://forum.wacom.eu/ucp.php?mode=register For new users, new threads need to be approved by the moderators. This is required to avoid spam bots and keep the forum clean. Your post has been appro...
by wacom5
Mon 1. Jul 2019, 15:19
Forum: Pen Tablets
Topic: Intuous Art Small
Replies: 1
Views: 75

Re: Intuous Art Small


There is only one pen model compatible with your tablet - the LP190.
If you suspect your pen is defective then I advise you to contact our support and see if it should be replaced - https://support.wacom.com
by wacom5
Mon 1. Jul 2019, 15:16
Forum: Pen Tablets
Topic: Intuos (small) use Pro 3D Pen ?
Replies: 2
Views: 167

Re: Intuos (small) use Pro 3D Pen ?


Unfortunately, the Pro Pen 3D is not compatible with your tablet. It will only work with Wacom Intuos Pro tablets.
by wacom5
Mon 1. Jul 2019, 15:15
Forum: Drivers
Topic: Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.
Replies: 60
Views: 9792

Re: Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.

Hello, I will try to be as clear as possible. The current way the driver handles scrolling by keeping the cursor still will not be reversed. Neither will the option to use either scrolling modes be introduced through a toggle (as suggested in this thread). As I mentioned earlier, if while scrolling ...

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