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Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.

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Re: Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.

Postby hakanuzunoglu » Thu 18. Jul 2019, 17:38

I can't believe I am saying this, but it is time to ditch the wacom. Here is why:

1 - The drivers are resource hogs. They hang the every once in a while.
2 - Every time there is an update, more bugs are introduced.
3 - Wacom believes they don't need to care about their users for a core functionality change. Every single person on earth scrolled in a certain way, and wacom changed the behavior completely without even adding an option to revert back.
4 - The quality of the base (bamboo etc) products have deteriorated.
5 - Wireless works laggy. There is a visible delay on the cursor movement while connected through BT.

It has been more than a year and still, there is no proper update on the matter. Not even in the roadmap. This is not a user-centric improvement at all. In fact, this and the new transform in Adobe Photoshop competes head to head on ignoring well-established habits of power users.

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Re: Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.

Postby jlaumans » Fri 9. Aug 2019, 05:44

I've registered on this forum to post my frustration here as well:

1. I just bought a new Intuos Pro yesterday (10+ year Wacom user here) and am considering returning it because of this issue AND the lack of understanding/care from Wacom Support to address it seriously
2. The Pan functionality should work as if you are 'holding / grabbing' the surface with your cursor and moving it around. When your cursor doesn't move together with your Pen it become disorienting and ruins your workflow. This has worked perfectly fine on older models for several years and is a core functionality for efficient work flows.
3. Pan & Scroll are two different things. Pan is the action of dragging content (for example, similar to holding the space bar while using photoshop/sketch/etc.) while Scroll is the action of moving the viewport irrelevant of the cursor position.

My request for Customer Support:
- Which old drivers can we install where the functionality is as we would expect it to behave?
- Please bring this topic to the development team again and give users the option to either Pan or Scroll

Request to fellow Wacom users:
- There are many people reading this forum but haven't voiced your opinion yet, please take time to let Wacom Support know how you feel.

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Re: Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.

Postby thanulee » Wed 4. Sep 2019, 09:36

Thats total BS. There were never issue before i been using wacom for many years and many models.Just make a quick fix for those who demand it. We are clients, we are always right, have u heard that? I ve been using a 2 year old driver with 0 issues idk what u referring to... Fix it... Dont ignore us, or we ll ignore u back

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Re: Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.

Postby ascottt » Fri 6. Sep 2019, 09:11

I'm very disappointed with this behavior, I feel guilty to love your products because you don't want to hear us, so I'll talk to users: please check this petition, I don't know what else I could do.


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