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Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.

Everything related to drivers
Posts: 1
Joined: Sat 7. Dec 2019, 21:30

Re: Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.

Postby simosahla » Sat 7. Dec 2019, 21:45

Here's another user that just created an account only to chime in here. The new behavior really should be optional!

I just upgraded my Wacom, the only reason being that there were no Catalina drivers available for my good old Bamboo. The new Intuos feels good, great even, but this scrolling thing annoys the hell out of me.

I'm viewing a web page that has scrollable fields in it. I start scrolling down, ok, the pointer freezes, the page scrolls. Then the pointer hits a scrollable field. Now, page scrolling stops and field scrolling starts. (No, that's not what I wanted!) And what happens when the scrollable field is scrolled all the way down? Nothing happens. The pointer remains freezed, nothing scrolls. I need to release the button, move the pointer away from the scrollable field (I'm using mouse mode), and start scrolling again.

Please, Wacom. This makes no sense. You broke something that worked just fine before.

For some use cases, the new behavior might be good. For some, it definitely is not. Forcing this change is no way to treat your loyal customers.

Simo Sahla

Posts: 8
Joined: Tue 9. Oct 2018, 09:41

Re: Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.

Postby aakaravaev » Sat 28. Dec 2019, 21:03

Seriously, Wacom stop making scroll behaviour from bad to worse. I've just updated driver to 6.3.38-3 and scrolling get worse once again. Now page slowly scrolling by its own after I stopped scrolling. I have to release scroll button on pen to stop autoscrolling. You force users to do 2 action instead of 1 for stop scrolling. It looks like that your UX guy don't know how to do UX.

What are you thinking? Why did you do that? It looks like that you need to hire new men in driver team. The ones who know how to do right scroll. Don't you even use your tablets? Please, google "how to do a scroll that convenient for users" and do so.
Last edited by aakaravaev on Sun 5. Jan 2020, 13:17, edited 2 times in total.

Posts: 8
Joined: Tue 9. Oct 2018, 09:41

Re: Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.

Postby aakaravaev » Sat 28. Dec 2019, 21:19

Is there are any good tablets instead of wacom? Does anybody know?

Posts: 6
Joined: Fri 10. Jan 2020, 07:42

Re: Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.

Postby simgust » Fri 10. Jan 2020, 07:49

I’m also chiming in to say that I would like the old scrolling behavior back.

Because of this (and some other minor annoyances), I will definitely research Wacom alternatives before making an upgrade some time down the road.

Posts: 1
Joined: Mon 13. Jan 2020, 17:52

Re: Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.

Postby nouWacom » Mon 13. Jan 2020, 22:59

Another user joining in just to show that we are not "insignificant minority" that prefers old behaviour. And if, despite your ongoing efforts, Adobe programs can manage retaining old Pan behaviour where it is cruicial, Blender can manage retaining old Pan behaviour, heck, lot of professional programs can manage "do something continuous at button press+pen movement even if you move your pen outside our app window" then I call your "problems when cursor is not stuck" excuse BS. At this time my cursor behaves differently in sensible apps that understand how pens should behave and differently in those apps that are managed directly by Wacom stupidity, or differently depending on where on the app I try to scroll/pan. This is completely unacceptable.

Posts: 8
Joined: Tue 9. Oct 2018, 09:41

Re: Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.

Postby aakaravaev » Sun 19. Jan 2020, 10:18

Wacom, I can't stop scrolling at the position I need. Page continues scrolling after I stop scrolling. Really, Wacom, that's really annoying.

Why did you change original scroll behaviour after all? What reason push you to did it? You'd made a mistake. Admit it and fix it.

Posts: 1
Joined: Fri 7. Feb 2020, 13:53

Re: Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.

Postby amyoxmx » Fri 7. Feb 2020, 14:04

I just sign in because i stayed 3 years on an old drivers because of your incompetence, i don't care if it's your fault or it's micrososft windows ink fault.
I ignore this problem completly until i bought a new wacom intuos pro and at this moment i realize 3 YEARS passed and, you didn't manage to find a solution but it get worst , you're insulting customers, saying shit like minorities, this how it should be, it's not gonna change....
Who do you think you are ? You don't have any right to tell us how we should work, WE ARE THE CUSTOMERS , WE PAY.
Admit that this is a bigger problem than you thinked it was, be honest and stop treating people like shit, morons.

Posts: 4
Joined: Wed 12. Feb 2020, 19:16

Re: Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.

Postby aalexx » Wed 12. Feb 2020, 20:13

I have joined this forums specifically for this reason.

I am a power user. I work at a post production house in Los Angeles amongst some of the best and busiest video editors, audio mixers, and graphic artists. We are responsible for finishing a massive amount of deliverables daily for some of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. Most of us use Wacom tablets and pens (probably 80 operators). We all move a million miles an hour all day and are hindered in our workflow by your choice of driver behavior. Every second of delay (in this case, finding the pointer again) adds up to precious minutes and hours of wasted time and labor. Forgive me for being late to this discussion, we’ve been extremely busy and have been using old drivers as a solution.

I am voicing my concern about your decision to ignore a professional user base in order to stubbornly hang on to your sheltered logic; theory vs. practice. I understand that in order to have no errors in scrolling (for a wider audience) you must have a pointer send a scroll message from within the bounds of the document that is to be scrolled. But perhaps you can be more elegant with your coding of this, and have the scroll command be sent only from the first initial moment the scroll, allowing the pointer to continue to move so that the operator has constant visual feedback of where they’re pointing.

This should be, after all, an extension of the human operator, something much more fluid and open-ended than a computer program. It would make sense that a company engaged in the business of helping to capture artistic intent and digitize it would do everything in their power to be successful at that. It would make sense that when presented with a logical programming problem this company would figure out how to prevent that from interfering with the abstract (human motion) input.

Think as well about the fact that the scrolling motion with a Wacom pen so closely mimics that of scrolling through a document on a smartphone with your finger. As you scroll with your finger, you are continuously aware of the location of your appendage throughout the entire motion of scrolling. My fingertip does not momentarily freeze or disappear; it would be most concerning if that were the case.

It seems to me that your engineers’ argument is one bore out of laziness and an unwillingness to truly try to translate a human command to the digital realm. They have found a logical problem in the way applications expect to be scrolled and have let that problem dictate how to operate, instead of envisioning ideal operation and working those problems around it. The “solution” was much too literal. It is the classic case of engineers losing touch with the actual users.

Please fix this awkward behavior. We need to know where our pointers are at all times.

(A side note: in case you are quantifying your conclusion of “most of our users are fine with it” by collecting data on how many drivers are installed and running (and online, how else could you collect that data?), consider the fact that many companies with sensitive data/intellectual property/client files do not allow workstation computers online at all, so your numbers are likely massively skewed.)

Posts: 3
Joined: Mon 6. May 2019, 09:04

Re: Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.

Postby r0kh0r » Mon 17. Feb 2020, 08:43

Any updates on this? Please add a switch to turn this pointer freezing on or off in Wacom Desktop center...

Posts: 1292
Joined: Tue 8. Aug 2017, 14:35

Re: Pan/Scroll Cursor stuck. Mouse not moving until release.

Postby wacom5 » Thu 20. Feb 2020, 07:31

The driver team has been exploring suggestions regarding this topic. We decided to add a new Pan/Scroll option that supports the legacy screen cursor behavior. We started the design & development for this change and it will be included in an upcoming driver release. This is all the information we can share for now. More to come soon.
Thank you for your patience and support so far.
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