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Memory Leak in Wacom_TouchUser.exe

Posted: Thu 16. Nov 2017, 02:50
by Clienad
Since testing a cintiq pro16 my intuos 5 touch has had major issues with Wacom_TouchUser.exe gobbling up system memory causing a lock down once it has eaten all of my 64GB of ram. Once you notice that it is about to reach all memory it is often too late to open the taskmanager and kill the process. So you have to hard reset.

I have no idea how to catch it before it does this as I can't keep my eye on the process all day. Some days it doesn't do it at all some days boom out of memory just after lunch.

I have tried uninstalling and re installing with latest drivers. I have been given a new Intuos 5 touch to replace my last one just in case it was sending bad data. Right now I would be satisfied with just stopping this process from starting in the first place to give me some piece of mind that I am not about to lose all of my days work because I have to hard reset.

Thank you for any help you can be with this problem.

Re: Memory Leak in Wacom_TouchUser.exe

Posted: Thu 16. Nov 2017, 08:18
by wacom1
We cannot reproduce a memory leak problem with the tablet driver so far. - If that happens after attaching a Cintiq Pro 16 once, the driver should forget any related information when you 'reset settings' once from the Wacom Desktop Center under 'backup settings'. -

I would also test if it helps or make a difference at least to a) turn off touch input, b) use the 'restore settings' option, which should restart the driver with previously backed-up settings.

Another option (if you are not using the Cintiq Pro anymore) would be reverting to an older driver version.

Re: Memory Leak in Wacom_TouchUser.exe

Posted: Thu 16. Nov 2017, 10:13
by Clienad
Thankyou for your prompt reply.

I have disabled touch I think. I can attach an image if you can tell me how to upload one. or a dump of the settings if that is possible.

I have set the priority of the Wacom_TouchUser.exe Process to low from above normal so that I can terminate it if it causes a problem. As I am afraid I have no idea what causes the problem I can give no real reproduction steps. but any more information I can give I will pass to you should My testing fail/ come up with a clue.

As for the driver is there a link to previous versions somewhere I have followed the above link in the pink box however can only find the latest driver.

Thank you again.

Wacom_touchuser.exe crash on Win 10

Posted: Tue 16. Oct 2018, 14:01
by Dogface
I've had a three crashes and one brief hang over the past three months and two of these at least appear to be due to Wacom_TouchUser.exe.

I had one today. When changing focus from Painter to Chrome, the display hung for a second, then both windows disappeared followed by the display. My cursor was still visible and operated OK but the screen was black. I had to reset (and on reboot found my Painter profile was corrupted, as were my LibreOffice settings, likely by the forced shutdown).

Either at the time of the shutdown, or more likely immediately before, I got this in the Event Log:

Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: Wacom_TouchUser.exe (15684) consumed 19613175808 bytes, Painter 2018 x64.exe (2724) consumed 2227904512 bytes, and avp.exe (4056) consumed 374169600 bytes.

What on earth was Wacom_TouchUser.exe doing taking 20Gb of virtual memory? I don't even have 20GGb of virtual memory, it's limited to 10.

Windows 10, latest driver 6-3-31.4, Wacom 5, grip pen, Touch off (on tablet)

More info: Please don't suggest using old drivers. The previous driver immediately prior to this one doesn't work and I was on an old driver when the first crash happened. I upgraded to see if it would fix it.

Also I see this isn't a new problem. That thread a year old with no posted solution.

Re: Wacom_touchuser.exe crash on Win 10

Posted: Thu 18. Oct 2018, 20:26
by Dogface
Seeing as Wacom evidently have no clue I'm trying the Watchdog function in Process Lasso, which in theory will restart the Wacom process if it takes up more than 100Mb of virtual memory. I wonder if Wacom will refund me the £20 it cost to purchase this s/w. Nah.

Re: Wacom_touchuser.exe crash on Win 10

Posted: Fri 19. Oct 2018, 09:40
by wacom5
Unfortunately, we were never able to reproduce this in our tests. There was some suspicion that another driver was causing interference but this was never conclusive due to lack of feedback.
It has been hard to gather data about this issue since it's happening very seldom and we haven't been able to collect enough information. It would be very helpful if you could collect some logs and contact our support and share this information.

Re: Wacom_touchuser.exe crash on Win 10

Posted: Wed 7. Nov 2018, 17:43
by Dogface
What I described in my second post seems to have fixed it. Better spend £20 than wait for Wacom to get round to it. Process Lassoo shuts down the process if it gets out of control. It makes no difference to the workings of the tablet other than touch is disabled, which is fine as I never use it. Ideally we should be able to prevent the process from running but I image that's internal to whatever the master process is.

Re: Wacom_touchuser.exe crash on Win 10

Posted: Wed 2. Jan 2019, 17:39
by Corinne
Over the past year, I have experienced many crashes due to this same issue: wacom touch user mode driver memory maxed out.
I have an Intous Pro medium and keep updating Windows 10 and the tablet drivers, but the issue occurs seemingly randomly.

I've tried reverting to older drivers in the past which did not fix the issue. I tried redirecting the temp files to a larger hard-drive than the solid-state. The company I work for uses a crash plan software service. I thought that was interfering, so I uninstalled that and it seemed to help for a while, but I just experienced another slow down until I ended the service in task manager. I have disabled the touch function as I only use the pen, but the issue still persists.

In the past, it would "black screen" my computer 3 times a day, or sometimes twice in an hour, or sometimes it would not overload for days or weeks.
It had not crashed my computer for while now, but it almost did today by maxing the memory to 99%. It forced chrome to close and the black screen ended. My computer was slow, so I opened task manager and after waiting for it to open I was able to end Wacom_TouchUser.exe

It seems many people have also experienced this issue whether they actually report it or not. It might have something to do with a windows memory leak, but I don't know enough about it all, I'm just an artist who does the same type of work every day with the same programs running. This memory usage does not make sense and I wish I could get it fixed.

Re: Wacom_touchuser.exe crash on Win 10

Posted: Fri 15. Feb 2019, 15:56
by Mccabe33
Hi folks, is there any words from Wacom on this? I am still having this issue. I am having the problem 2/3 times a day and by the time I realize its about to happen the machine locks up and cant even end process. Its really messing with my workflow. What information do you folks at wacom need in order to try and find this but because if this doesn't stop I will have to get my studio to by us non wacom tablets. Its a real killer of a bug.


Re: Wacom_touchuser.exe crash on Win 10

Posted: Mon 18. Feb 2019, 09:55
by wacom5

We need details about the Operating System and log files. The team suspects that some 3rd party software is causing this issue but have yet to be able to replicate the issue when testing.

If you want help finding the source of the issue, please contact our support -