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Lost touch after new driver update! Please Help!

Everything related to drivers
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Joined: Sat 16. Mar 2019, 12:24

Lost touch after new driver update! Please Help!

Postby leenalec » Sat 16. Mar 2019, 12:40


There was a new driver update on MSP that I installed just today. After installation, however, my touch (with the finger) simply stopped working. I use the touch input a lot with the computer. Anyone know how to get it back?

I tried to google it, but didn't really find a solution. One thread told me to go to device manager and find windows HID-compliant Touch screen, but I don't have that in my devices. Also my device manager looks quite odd. I have multiple copies of seemingly same device. here's a picture:

My PC is MSP16 i7.

Wacom Driver is 16.3.33-3

Windows version is Windows 10 Pro, version 1803

The reason why I updated my driver was that yesterday my MSP started acting weird. It totally shut off without warning while I was using Photoshop. After turning it on, it started having weird scratchy sound on playback from spotify - both speakers and headphones. I thought maybe updating the driver would fix the problem.

Please help! I need to do my work and at the moment I cannot!

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Re: Lost touch after new driver update! Please Help!

Postby wacom5 » Mon 18. Mar 2019, 10:14

I just installed the latest in a MobileStudio Pro (DTH-W1620 - 512GB) like yours and I could not reproduce the issue. The touch is working fine as expected.

The issue you experience is not related with the latest driver. Either the installation was corrupt, or there is some problem within the OS preventing the touch component from working. We should not exclude hardware issues either. Looking at your device manager, it seems OK to me.
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