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Battery procentage is not showing

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Battery procentage is not showing

Postby Awosek » Wed 27. Mar 2019, 16:02

Hello, i have my wacom intuos pro S for few days and i've noticed that i cannot see how many procent my batter has.
It still shows 97% when connected trough USB and without USB connection it shows 0% im kinda lost to be honest

Thank you.

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Re: Battery procentage is not showing

Postby wacom5 » Thu 28. Mar 2019, 09:29

Please clarify which Operating System and driver you are using. For starters, make sure you have everything fully updated.
Does it still work when not plugged in via USB?
From what you describe it can be an simple reading bug. Let the battery fully discharge and then charge it again.

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