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Windows 10 - Driver setup issues Cintiq 13

Posted: Thu 18. Apr 2019, 20:14
by jeromen
Hello, I have an issue using a Cintiq 13HD with Photoshop CC on Windows 10. For a couple of years I've had a neat setup to change brush size and hardness on the fly using an express key set to the PS command ctrl+alt+ right click. It worked well until a week ago. Now, at that command the pen does nothing in PS, but changes window, highlights things or crashes the app for a while.

The express key and mouse perform the brush size adjustment just fine.

The keyboard and pen perform the brush size adjustment just fine.

But the express key and pen, the combination essential for my work, does the wild thing.

I re-installed Photoshop, and re-installed Wacom Driver 6.3.29-6 for Windows, which ironically features the resolved issue: "We fixed an issue that caused the tablet driver to crash when a pen button or ExpressKeyâ„¢ was set to the combination of a modifier and a click" - precisely what I have.

Grateful for any advice.

Re: Pshop brush size

Posted: Tue 23. Apr 2019, 08:03
by wacom5
Seems that you are having issues with Windows Ink. Please make sure Windows is fully up to date and that you install the latest version of the Wacom driver. Then, please try the steps here:

Re: Pshop brush size

Posted: Thu 25. Apr 2019, 09:56
by jeromen
Thanks for the advice. I have got the latest Windows 10 and latest driver for the Cintiq 13.

Like Paul McCartney I long for yesterday! Each step I carry out gets me further from home. I've looked at the steps for which you have given me a link (thanks) but first I need to get the new driver to recognise the Cintiq. I'm nowhere, yet.

Re: Pshop brush size

Posted: Thu 25. Apr 2019, 14:42
by wacom5
If the driver is not detecting the device, make sure you connected the USB cable directly to your computer and try different ports to be sure. If you are not successful, I would contact the support team -
It's possible that your USB cable is damaged.

Re: Cintiq 13 not detected - Windows 10

Posted: Thu 25. Apr 2019, 15:47
by jeromen
Thanks. There's no problem with the original CD driver, but now I have got it going - latest Windows 10, latest Pshop CC and latest Cintiq driver.

The problem remains, of the pen, nothing else, enacting Windows ctrl and alt functions rather than Pshop ctrl and alt functions.

With Windows Ink checked or not.

The Windows Ink work-round (in the link) doesn't really work with my setup. There is no Pshop file in my 'users'. Nor any simple 'settings' folder in Program Files - my Pshop is now 2019, not 2015 as in the example. I have seen comments online about switching off Windows Ink - is that advisable?

(The tablet properties panels forget my settings after ten minutes or so. No matter - I'll come back to that one when I've got something to work with "the combination of a modifier and a click".)

Re: Cintiq 13 not detected - Windows 10

Posted: Fri 26. Apr 2019, 07:10
by wacom5
Please do not use the driver in the CD. That version is too out of date.

As for the issue you are reporting is actually: The issue is with the preferences you set up not applying after a certain time correct?

When this happens and you try to open the Wacom Tablet Properties, do you see any error message?
What do you do to get the preferences to work again?

Re: Cintiq 13 not detected - Windows 10

Posted: Fri 26. Apr 2019, 11:36
by jeromen
I'll close this topic now. The daily degredation of my Cintiq work setup is now too fast to comment on. I have work I'm days behind with and must revert to my computer/mouse combo. I'll look at it all again in a couple of weeks. Thanks again for your time.