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odd behavior with clone stamp tool

Everything related to drivers
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Joined: Thu 6. Jun 2019, 16:51

odd behavior with clone stamp tool

Postby SummerMadness4 » Thu 6. Jun 2019, 17:04

Hey guys,
I have a problem with the clone tool. I use Wacom Intuos 5 Touch PTH-650
Everything works fine but the clone tool doesnt seem to work/drag after every few clicks.

Heres a video:


-Shift is not pressed
-Mojave installed (yes, WacomTabletDriver & WacomTouchDrivers are checked in the systemsettings)
-newest wacom drivers
-newest PS

Help! :(

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Re: odd behavior with clone stamp tool

Postby wacom5 » Fri 7. Jun 2019, 08:31


I haven't seen this before.
Does is to the same with the eraser end of the pen (if you don't set it to erase in PS)?

In case it does, start by backing up and resetting both the Wacom Driver Properties and the Photoshop preferences.
If the issue persists, please adjust the pen pen Double-Click distance in the Wacom Driver Properties.

If this doesn't happen with the eraser end of the pen, then the pen might be defective.
In that case, please contact support - https://support.wacom.com
Need immediate help? Contact our Support: https://support.wacom.com

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Re: odd behavior with clone stamp tool

Postby houdond » Thu 5. Sep 2019, 16:42

I get this same issue on windows 10. I've had it for the past year or so, across a couple of systems.
Windows 10, latest
Wacom intuos pro 4, wacom intuos pro 5
Photoshop CC, latest

It happens when pressing modifier keys, ie the alt key. My temporary solution is to quickly alt tab in & out of photoshop every time it happens. Modifier keys are a huge part of my workflow when painting/retouching and this is starting to drive me insane. The fact that it's been an issue for so long is very frustrating. There's plenty of other people expriencing this if you google 'wacom modifier keys'. Please let us know if you find a solution!

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Re: odd behavior with clone stamp tool

Postby mladenp » Tue 12. Nov 2019, 10:00

any solution,

same here. just upgraded to mojave.
please help

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Joined: Wed 18. Jan 2017, 07:55

Re: odd behavior with clone stamp tool

Postby mladenp » Tue 12. Nov 2019, 15:47

I would like to add some comments:

After upgrading to Mojave yesterday and followed all instructions regarding System Preferences > Security&Privacy > Privacy Tab.
Added and checked Photoshop, Checked both Wacom Tablet and Touch Drivers.
Uninstalled the Old Wacom Driver > restarted > Installed the Last Wacom Driver( 6.3.37-3)

My only issue is with the clone tool, exactly as described in the first post and in the video.
Sometimes the clone source freezes and alt key needs to be pressed again to get a new stamp source.
Not really useful.

The same happens with Photoshop cc2020 and with Photoshop cc2019.
No issues with the old setup (OsX Sierra)

Hardware setup is:
MacPro 2013 (Trash Can)
Wacom intuos 4 XL PTK-1240

same issues with Intuos 5 PTH 651

I tried many different older wacom driver versions.
No luck

It is curious that on a Mac Book Pro Retina 2012 also with Mojave there are no issues.
Also using Intuos 5 PTH 651.

I found also this thread: https://community.adobe.com/t5/Photosho ... p/10196852
Could that be the solution?

Please help!


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