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Mac OS 10.15 beta (Catalina)

Posted: Tue 11. Jun 2019, 22:53
by dplawrance
Wondering if anyone has been able to successfully install their drivers for Mac OS 10.15 beta (Catalina). And, if so, what special thing did you do? I just got a new Intuos Pro (small) tablet and I did all the special installation steps that would are required for 10.14, but that seems still not enough. The tablet doesn't show up as a device. The Wacom Tablet utility reports "There is a problem with your tablet driver. Please log out..."


Re: Mac OS 10.15 beta (Catalina)

Posted: Fri 28. Jun 2019, 23:59
by lobotomat
Nope, no-one has - the APIs changed and Wacom has to update their drivers.

Also see the now posted official response;

Re: Mac OS 10.15 beta (Catalina)

Posted: Mon 1. Jul 2019, 08:17
by wacom5
This was already addressed here: