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Delay with Intuos tablet at Mac startup before it responds

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Delay with Intuos tablet at Mac startup before it responds

Postby bhermans » Sun 16. Jun 2019, 08:00

I have an Intuos tablet (2015 model), and as long as that I have been using it, it has the same issue. When my Mac has started up (i.e. all other programs have started up/shown their windows, and the Mac is ready to use) there is always quite a delay, of an additional 2-3 minutes, before the Wacom Desktop Center window pops up. And usually then, after about half a minute (or a bit more) the tablet finally is useable. Up until that point, I can see the led on the pen tablet light up when I move my pen, but the cursor is not moving at all.

As I said, I have had this problem since I have owned this tablet. Things I have already done/tried:
- Update the driver: I always install the latest driver as soon as it is offered for download (and the Desktop Center will always warn you when there is a new driver);
- Replace the nib: I have tried inserting a new nib in the pen, but that did not fix the problem;
- Update OS/X: I have had this problem for all OS/X versions that I have had since 2015 (I am now using the latest version of Mojave);
- In the past month, I have gone through a total clean install of Mojave, but that did not fix the problem;
- Update the hardware: I have had this problem with my previous iMac, but also and current 2019 model which I have started using since yesterday;
- Run diagnostic tests like a First Aid check of the hard disk, and the like;

Does anyone else have this problem?
And have any of you been able to fix it?

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Re: Delay with Intuos tablet at Mac startup before it responds

Postby wacom5 » Mon 17. Jun 2019, 09:18

In Mac OS, the pen and the tablet will only start responding once you log in to your user and the driver boots up. When you finally see the Wacom Desktop Center, it means that the driver is fully booted. If it's taking that long, you probably have other applications loading as well.

The only thing you can do to help the Wacom driver start faster, is to check and clean up you Startup and Login Items. If the Wacom Driver is not already on the list of the Login Items(it should be), make sure you add it.

More info here: https://appletoolbox.com/2010/05/mac-os-x-loginstartup-items-do-not-work-fix/
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