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Requesting new feature for Touch

Posted: Wed 31. Jul 2019, 01:18
by ZizoCG
Hi there,
after fumbling around and setting my Wacom Intuos Pro M settings and shortcuts for both the pen and the tablet I found that I could really use some touch gestures to speed up my workflow.

Till now I have always had the touch features just turned off by the switch on the side of the tablet.
I tried some custom gestures for shortcuts that I really liked but the biggest problem for me is that the tablet still pick up any slight movement of touch as a cursor movement.

I would like to be able to turn off the cursor movement overall and to pick up only the gestures that I'm setting.
Cursor movement with the pen and touch only for gestures.
The only setting right now is to turn all the way down the Pointer Speed, which slows down how much the cursor will move but it's still a movement.

What do you think? I don't find it as an extreme idea and probably not that hard to implement.
That way I can keep reaching for my keyboard less.

Thank you for your time.