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Stuttering Wacom Pro Medium pen cursor

Posted: Fri 17. Jan 2020, 00:50
by laptopleon

I noticed that my Wacom Pro Medium Touch PTH-651 sometimes stutters when I'm using the pen. It's weird because it never did this in the past. I re-installed the driver twice but that doesn't help. The only thing I can think of that is different is that I now use 10.14 Mojave. Then again, I didn't use the Wacom for a while so I can't tell if that was the moment it started.

Looking at macOS Activities / Processe it shows that WacomTouchDriver and more even WacomTabletDriver usually take only 0.0 to 0.1% CPU power. However, at the stuttering moments, these processes shoot up to 25, 30, 50 or even 75% CPU power! This happens both when the computer is just idling while I'm drinking coffee or when running an application has the machine occupied for example when playing a game. Even the game stutters from it.

This happens for one or a few seconds, then maybe ten seconds it's down to almost zero CPU power, then back up, etc etc.

Sometimes it's just 0,1 for long periods though and everything is smooth.

Is this a known problem? What can I do about it?

Re: Stuttering Wacom Pro Medium pen cursor

Posted: Fri 17. Jan 2020, 08:42
by wacom5

Which driver are you using? I can't really look at the issue without some additional data. We will need to collect logs and the SPX file from your computer. Could you please contact our support?

Re: Stuttering Wacom Pro Medium pen cursor

Posted: Sat 25. Jan 2020, 21:47
by alesha

Same here PTH-660, latest Catalina, 6.3.38-3.
3 Macs — Mac Mini 2014 (i5/16 GB/256 GB), MacBook Pro 13 (2017), MacBook Pro 15 (2019).
Stuttering cursor everywhere. Totally unusable. Macbook's trackpad works magically (no stutters, all nice and smoothly) at the same time with the same CPU load and applications open.

Even with only Figma opened and Finder ofc your awesome professional product doesn't work at all.
Your software issues makes my workflow longer 3-4 times.

Requested support in Facebook — nothing. Called to US Support — nothing.
Tried to downgrade drivers — all version since Catalina supported — same issues. I asked moneyback → nothing.

You can't fix the issues even since 2014 with stucking modifier keys.
You can't develop proper driver for Mac OS (OS X) since (Idk)... Never seen working driver.
Your customers always should downgrade, restart and doing all that magic passes to get your product work at least.

My loyality to your company is really gone long time ago.
I hate you.. Seriously. Every day I use your product (every workdate).

Re: Stuttering Wacom Pro Medium pen cursor

Posted: Mon 27. Jan 2020, 10:17
by wacom5
Sorry to read you have been experiencing this. Still we haven't been able to reproduce the issue and would appreciate if you could work with support to provide us the necessary data. You can help us fixing the issue.

Re: Stuttering Wacom Pro Medium pen cursor

Posted: Sun 2. Feb 2020, 17:44
by asdfgh
I downgraded to 6.3.37-3, worked.

found it in another thread: viewtopic.php?p=9825#p9825