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[Mac] Pen settings - Illustrator

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[Mac] Pen settings - Illustrator

Postby gluttonouspet » Tue 21. Jan 2020, 12:18

I’ve just got a Cintiq 16 for my Macbook Pro (Mojave), but I’m a little confused around getting set up. I’ve installed the Pen display driver and have opened up the tablet settings. I've set up Illustrator to show under “Applications”. I have then opened up Illustrator. I can draw but there’s no variation in size of the brush. Also, the eraser just draws more lines and does not erase, despite the settings panel saying it's set to erase. I’ve struggled to find info on this besides review or drawing videos that assume your pen is already set up. Any pointers/links to relevant tuts would be amazing, thanks.

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Re: Pen issues

Postby wacom5 » Tue 21. Jan 2020, 15:47

There are no ExpressKeys with the Cintiq 16 so can you please clarify which settings did you change and how are you are trying to use them? Please be aware that not all applications support the eraser function.

Also, key binding may change based on OS and keyboard language so check the list here for the native keybindings for Illustrator and make sure they Wacom driver settings matches.
https://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/usi ... tcuts.html
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