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WacomTabletDriver-WacomTouchDrive files not found after install

Posted: Mon 4. May 2020, 02:15
by echeverryimages
Hi all,

I have a bit of an issue. My Intuos S 2018 became erratic. I followed the proposed troubleshoot as stated on the Wacom support page.

However, when I try to locate the drivers so I can add them in the privacy&security, input monitoring tab, I cannot locate the files in the tablet folder.

They are not present in the suggested folder through the path "/Library/Application Support/Tablet/".

But the driver does show up in the system settings panel and the pen and tablet becomes responsive but still faulty after I uninstall and install the latest drivers so they must be somewhere.

I like to ask if someone can assist in locating these files. (I have the finder set to show all files.) Or if there is another fix.

Best regards

OS: MacOS Catalina 10.15.4
Intuos S 2018
Driver 6.3.39-1

Re: WacomTabletDriver-WacomTouchDrive files not found after install

Posted: Tue 5. May 2020, 11:16
by wacom5
Seems to be an error with the support article. I will report this to the team to have it fixed.
The files you are looking for are located in Applications/Wacom Tablet/.Tablet

You need to enable the hidden folders to be visible to view the .Tablet folder. Press Command + Shift + Dot to show the folder and the associated files.

Unable to add to Input Monitoring

Posted: Tue 2. Jun 2020, 01:43
by catcatcat
Please know that I have been working on installing my tablet for two hours and cannot find a solution to my specific problem. I have a Macbook Air running OS Catalina, and I just got a Cintiq 16. I have lost count of the times I restarted and reinstalled/uninstalled the driver. I feel very lost and I am at my wit's end.

I faithfully followed the Wacom instructions, and even the other tutorials that directed me to download ColorSnapper so you can get the + and - buttons to add 2 files manually on the Input Monitoring portion.

I'm stuck at the following step:
Next, open the Go menu once again and Type: /Library/Application Support/Tablet/ then press GO
Now drag and drop the WacomTabletDriver and WacomTouchDriver from this folder on to the list under Input Monitoring in the Security & Privacy section.

I say stuck because I do not have those files under that folder. As mentioned before, I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver with same results.

What other step can I take?

Thank you.

Re: WacomTabletDriver-WacomTouchDrive files not found after install

Posted: Tue 2. Jun 2020, 08:06
by wacom5
The support article is still missing the update. Please see the instructions in my previous post.