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Could Wacom offer a generic driver for different tablet devices using the same Wacom chip?

Posted: Sat 25. Jul 2020, 23:24
by marchhappy
1st Major Update: I opened a case at Wacom US, and the case number is CAS-1783081-Z4Q2X8, in case anyone from Wacom needs.

(Sequal to

After modding Window's ACPI DSDT table and remapping Samsung's hardware ID (ACPI\WCOM002C) with one supported in Wacom Feel (ACPI\WCOM0022), I could confirm that newer Wacom Feel driver is indeed installable on Samsung devices. A little reverse engineering shows that the driver no longer hardcodes behaviour for specific device, meaning that it might be universal like libwacom driver under Linux.

The problem is, when I open the Wacom Setting panel, it would refuse to show up, telling me to download driver even after already loading it. So may I ask where is Wacom Feel driver's event definition file stored, and how could I modify it? So that the service could remap button or "recognize" Samsung's Wacom digitizer event.

I am using a Zbook x2 stylus, and this is what I captured for HID\VID_2D1F&UP:000D_U:0002 using Wacom Feel driver (Samsung's own PenS2Helper has a different event code):

0x00 In range (both for tip and eraser at the end)
0x01 In range, and tip is pressed
0x02 In range, and side button is pressed
0x04 In range, and eraser button at the end is pressed

For S Pen, the side button's functionality is the same as Zbook x2's.

Or if the guy maintaining driver knows a device which shares the event code above and register the same 4096 level pressure, please tell me the hardware id, and I would remap Samsung's hardware id with this.

Re: How could I modify Wacom Feel's settings when the setting panel refuse to open?

Posted: Mon 27. Jul 2020, 07:35
by wacom5
I don't understand what you are trying to do. Which Wacom Stylus are you trying to use? As you can see in this list, we don't have any stylus compatible with the HP Zbook x2 -
I'm not sure why you would try using the Wacom Feel driver in the first place.

Posted: Tue 28. Jul 2020, 07:01
by marchhappy
There are two problems existing on Samsung devices without Wacom Feel driver.

Firstly, EMR stylus's side button misbehaves in (almost) all Win32 applications. More detail at Microsoft forum: ... 220cd821da
Inside that post, there is a gif showing side button's weirdness. ... 5856c5fe1a

Secondly, about using the HP Zbook x2 stylus. Zbook x2's EMR stylus works on Samsung laptops using Wacom EMR digitizer (and S Pen), but without Wacom Feel driver, Windows couldn't tell the difference between side button press and eraser press. In other words, they work the same as eraser. After Wacom Feel driver's force installation, the side button works as mouse right click and eraser works as eraser, which is expected behaviour.

And I am not sure if Wacom Feel driver supports EMR pens with Bluetooth. My Samsung Galaxy Book Flex's S Pen is an EMR stylus with Bluetooth functionality. And in Wacom Feel settings, it shows the remaining battery (though still asking me to download driver).

Re: How could I modify Wacom Feel's settings when the setting panel refuse to open?

Posted: Tue 28. Jul 2020, 09:05
by wacom5
The current "Feel" driver is meant for AES devices only which work very differently from EMR devices. You cannot expect this driver to support EMR devices from Samsung, HP or other 3rd parties.

Bear in mind, as I think I mentioned in the other thread, Wacom only supplies the hardware and the respective HID driver. The implementation on the OS side is then done by the manufacturer. This doesn't Wacom doesn't assist them with making a driver if there is such a request but it is not up to Wacom to decide this.

HP for example, has their own Pen Driver which allows users to change the pen settings for certain pen models. They used to have a driver listed in their driver page but is no longer available so you need to check with them what is the reason for that -
I also don't see any pen driver listed for your device:

Posted: Tue 28. Jul 2020, 22:13
by marchhappy
Get it. So still have to request driver from Samsung side. Anyway I would update here if there is any reply. They told me to contact Wacom for support before.

P.S. My device is Samsung Galaxy Book Flex. Samsung lacks proper driver support for enabling the full functionality of Zbook x2 EMR stylus.

And doesn't Wacom Feel driver offers support for EMR devices? I have an older version of Feel driver (the one doesn't work before), and after I unpacked it, there is a supportedPIDs.txt which is like this:

** Product IDs and Hardware IDs Supported by Driver 7.3.4-37**

SER EMR Pen Only

SER EMR Pen & Touch

I2C EMR Pen Only

I2C EMR Pen Only

WACM0001 and WACM0002 is the hardware ID used for Samsung 500T tablets (500T1C) which features a 1024 level S Pen (and of course it's an EMR one). And this hardware ID is still supported in newer version's Wacom Feel driver.

(Taken from WacHIDRouterISDU.inf of latest Wacom Feel driver, version 7.6-51)
%WacDevName% = WacHIDRouterBase_I2C, ACPI\VEN_WACO&DEV_M
%WacDevName% = WacHIDRouterBase_I2C, ACPI\WCOM0004
%WacDevName% = WacHIDRouterBase_I2C, ACPI\WACOM
%WacDevName% = WacHIDRouterBase_I2C, ACPI\WACM0001
%WacDevName% = WacHIDRouterBase_I2C, ACPI\WACM0002

%WacDevName% = WacHIDRouterBase_I2C, ACPI\WCOM0007
%WacDevName% = WacHIDRouterBase_I2C, ACPI\WCOM0008

So I believe Wacom Feel driver does have support for a bunch of EMR devices. And if I intall the usual Wacom tablet/Cintiq driver by mocking the digitizer's hardware id to the only ACPI entry in the inf file, it refuses to start.

(Taken from Wacom Tablet driver, version 6.3.40-2)
%OEMDev.DeviceDesc% = WacHIDRouterInst_I2C, ACPI\WCOM002E

P.P.S. HP's driver is the one for Wacom tablet/Intuos Pro with some OEM theme, available as "HP Create Control Panel Software" under the driver for keyboard, mouse and input devices. Indeed it shares the same specs with Samsung's S Pen (4096 level pressure, tilt functionality). Their styluses are completely cross-compatible without unexpected edge drift. It makes no sense that Wacom doesn't offer a proper Windows driver for Samsung's newer devices after so many year's partnership.

And Wacom EMR digitizer shares (almost) the same protocol with Wacom AES digitizers named as "ISDv4". More information is given on GitHub's libwacom page.

Re: How could I modify Wacom Feel's settings when the setting panel refuse to open?

Posted: Wed 29. Jul 2020, 16:18
by wacom5
Just to be clear: Not all EMR type pens work the same. For example: the Stylus you can find in Samsung devices like the Galaxy note series and the Pro Pen 2 from Wacom are both EMR pens but they operate completely differently. The hardware is different, the firmware is different and the way these devices operate is different. You should not expect a Stylus built for a specific device to work as expected for a device it was not meant to be use with.

Please remember, as stated in the Feel driver page:
"This Wacom Components driver offers added features for most pen input tablets or computers that use Wacom’s pen technology. To verify whether your tablet or computer can take advantage of this driver, please download the driver and run the installer. If the driver does not work for your tablet or computer, a ‘Computer unsupported’ message will appear. Click the ‘Close’ button and the installer will cancel and leave your system unchanged."

In any case, you raise some interesting questions. Please let us know what you learn from Samsung. I would nonetheless give your feedback to the Driver team.

Re: How could I modify Wacom Feel's settings when the setting panel refuse to open?

Posted: Sat 26. Sep 2020, 12:51
by marchhappy
Contacted Samsung China support... They thought I was asking for a component of a fridge!!! Sigh... No matter where I contact, I am receiving the same result! So I believe the correct place to give feedback on Wacom EMR "pen-enabled" devices is here instead of different computer manufactors. They just buy chips from Wacom, ignoring if things could work as expected...

And I had more information about Wacom EMR powered devices. We have a usergroup of Wacom EMR laptops, and some members posted motherboard photos. It is astonishing that most devices are sharing the same chips. For instance, Zbook x2 and Dell Canvas 27 (which have offical Wacom driver support!) are using Wacom w9013 IC. Newer devices like my Samsung Notebook 9 Pro 2019 and Samsung Galaxy Book Flex, are using Wacom w9021 IC. So does Wacom driver team have generic setting panel for different ICs available? We could always test the funtionality!

And the driver team don't have to modify inf file. It is easy to mock up unsupported Wacom device's hardware ID with supported ones. Just tell us what the device hardware path is.

Re: How could I modify Wacom Feel's settings when the setting panel refuse to open?

Posted: Wed 30. Sep 2020, 00:53
by marchhappy
This is not about stylus issue. It is about driver support on all Wacom EMR tablet devices without official driver. Without the official driver available, we could only use Windows Ink API, which cuts a 4096-level digitizer into 1024-level. (Microsoft documentation is available at This is of course unreasonable!!

I guess that even the great Acer ConceptD9 also doesn't have WinAPI support. I didn't see Wacom driver on Acer webpage.

Note: I opened a case at Wacom US, and the case number is CAS-1783081-Z4Q2X8.