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Wacom drivers - feature request: app specific "hover click" and "click & tap" settings

Posted: Thu 5. Nov 2020, 10:37
by Jelleeey
Dear Wacom development team,

I have been using Wacom products for about 2 decades. I have been mainly using it for drawing in 2D applications like Photoshop, but the last years I have been using it for 3D applications as well. I have a feature request regarding improving the pen button functionality when switching between 2D and 3D applications. This would greatly enhance the user experience for me.

This is mainly about how the buttons on the pen work. I use the buttons mainly to emulate the mouse buttons. It is great that it is possible to set preferences depending on the specific app that is being used. I use this feature to set the pen button to “right click” for the 2D software and the “middle mouse click” for the 3D software (in 3D software this is commonly used for navigation commands). However, on top of that I prefer to also use a different click method per app. I use the “hover click” method for the 2D software (which is more intuitive for me), while for the 3D software I would like to set it at the “click & tap” method (it is almost impossible to use the pen button to navigate in 3D using the hover click method). However, this click method can only be changed globally, meaning that once it is set, it will apply to all wacom devices, to all apps. This means that *everytime* i go back and forth between my 2D and 3D application (which happens a lot), I end up going to the wacom driver panel to change this setting. This does not make sense to me. This feature should be able to be configured on an app specific level, not just globally.

That is why I ask you Wacom development team to please fix this problem. It is probably low hanging fruit for you guys and it would enhance my (and i am sure many others) user experience tremendously.

Re: Wacom drivers - feature request: app specific "hover click" and "click & tap" settings

Posted: Thu 5. Nov 2020, 10:49
by wacom4
Thanks a lot for this proposal!
I have informed the driver development team about your proposal.

As usual: Unfortunately we in Support cannot comment on when or if any enhancement request will be taken care of from the driver team.

Re: Wacom drivers - feature request: app specific "hover click" and "click & tap" settings

Posted: Tue 10. Nov 2020, 10:28
by wacom4
Dear Jelleeey,
again thanks for the proposal.

More feedback from the team:
This change would contradict the principle that the pen tip would be always handled similar to build a "muscle memory" so that the user does not need to think what she is doing. Therefore we would be reluctant to implement a change which might change the intuitive usage of the pen.
This would be different if you find a majority of users who would like to have the behavior that you proposed.

Have you tried "click&tap" in 2D apps as well? It might give you a more accurate positioning in 2D as well...