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Mac OS Big Sur and Cintiq companion on MBPro

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Joined: Mon 4. Jan 2021, 19:20

Mac OS Big Sur and Cintiq companion on MBPro

Postby hannahmac » Mon 4. Jan 2021, 19:35

My Macbook Pro 16 in doesn't have HDMI and wouldn't work. I was using the proper Apple adapter with a Cintiq Companion Hybrid. The Wacom Desktop Centre would not show it as connected. After trying three HDMI adapters and contacting Wacom support who said connect direct (you can't if you haven't got an HDMI port) I discovered this thread

https://www.wacom.com/en-us/support?gui ... Id=015-916

And when I authorised the Driver to have access to Input support it was recognised as connected and the cursor position on the screen was the same as the stylus position.

I was so pleased as its just so much better drawing on the Cintiq than using my iPad Pro with Side car. The cintig gives you more resolution so its not squashed and the aspect ratio of the screen is more like the Mac

I thought I was going to have to sell it!

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