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Wacom driver disables Win10 Core Isolation security due to FTDI.

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Wacom driver disables Win10 Core Isolation security due to FTDI.

Postby Yakumo » Sun 7. Feb 2021, 01:56

Windows 10 introduced a security feature known as Core Isolation with Memory Integrity in version 1803, they are features enabled by default on appropriate hardware on later builds of Win10.

The Core Isolation feature can be found by typing "core" into the start menu and selecting Core Isolation System Settings there.
If the feature is being blocked there is a function there to list drivers that are interfering, one such driver is "ftdibus.sys" which I believe is for supporting a USB to Serial adapter. This driver is included and installed via even the current latest Wacom drivers for the Wacom Pro tablet.

The FTDI driver can be removed on it's own via the "CDM Uninstaller" provided by FTDI on https://ftdichip.com/utilities/ and following the instructions on https://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Utilit ... eadme.html or below :

1. Unzip the package
2. Run CDMuninstallerGUI.exe and allow it through the security prompt.
3. Click "Add"
3. Click "Remove Devices" at the base. Do not use the 'Remove' button instead as that only removes the device from the list.

This appears to have no adverse effect on the use of a USB or Wirelessly connected Intuos Pro, and after a reboot Core Isolation should allow you to enable Memory Integrity so long as nothing else had been blocking it.

Unfortunately this procedure will have to be repeated after any subsequent Wacom driver installation, and there appears to be no warning from windows that your security has been downgraded after a driver blocking the feature has been installed, you simply have to check the security system settings to see that everything you wish to have enabled still is.

I hope Wacom will take steps to update the driver if possible to prevent this from being an issue in the future.

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Re: Wacom driver disables Win10 Core Isolation security due to FTDI.

Postby wacom5 » Tue 9. Feb 2021, 08:03


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

The FTDI driver is necessary for one of the methods of display communication with applicable Cintiq and MobileStudio products. We will use the FTDI route if we're unable to communicate directly over the video channel. This will communicate with the display through USB.
Removing that FTDI driver means that communication with applicable Cintiqs and MobileStudio will only be able to use the display channel communication method for Wacom Display Settings.

As the display channel communication is reliable, don't really expect that removing the FTDI driver will be much of an issue, but we left this in place as a fallback just in case.

We've reproduced the issue and have also confirmed that the newer FTDI drivers do not interfere with this security feature.
We will work on updating the FTDI driver that is included with our driver software installation package.

In the meantime, the FTDI driver can be uninstalled safely. Only customers with Cintiq or MobileStudio tablets that find they're unable to open their Wacom Display Settings software after removing the FTDI driver will need to reinstall the driver by reinstalling the same Wacom package again.
Need immediate help? Contact our Support: https://support.wacom.com

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Re: Wacom driver disables Win10 Core Isolation security due to FTDI.

Postby Yakumo » Tue 9. Feb 2021, 13:46

Thank you very much for the informative response, it is good to hear that this should not be a problem in the not too distant future.

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