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brush bug in photoshop 22.1.1, shows large brush, but paints thin line

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brush bug in photoshop 22.1.1, shows large brush, but paints thin line

Postby prouser » Wed 3. Mar 2021, 21:48


first, tried to search for similar issues, "photoshop" and "bug" are ignored words "as they are too common"

anyone has the same issues?:
i experience a strange bug/behaviour in photoshop 22.1.1 (and prior versions) on 2 different macs/offices, one with catalina, and one with big sur 11.2.1 with 2 different "Intuos touch 5 Large":

i am controlling the brush size in photoshop with the default "control+shift key-shortcut + moving the pen up and down" to make brush smaller or bigger. every time, i work fast, and push the key-shortcut frequently per second, the wacom driver or whatever replaces the tools in the toolbox (stamp tool is now the clone tool, pipette is now the brush and vice-versa - also the brush is behaving wrong > has large brush icon, but paints only thin lines. it feels, like photoshop is drunk? when i change to my apple mouse, everything behaves normal again. when i get back to the wacom pen, the strange behavior continues...

workaround: i quit photoshop and launch again. works fine, until i heavily use the brush with the keyboard-shortcut (many times per day)

- touch function is turned off by myself (too much unintended, touching the touch-field)
- all buttons/dials on both intuos tablets, i turn off from scratch (happened too many times, that i touched them randomly)
- wacom control-settings in osx settings are the default ones


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Re: brush bug in photoshop 22.1.1, shows large brush, but paints thin line

Postby wacom5 » Mon 8. Mar 2021, 15:00

Seems that it could be a PS issue with getting the setting stuck. You can still contact our support and provide a log file, the team can take a look.
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