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Testing website resources before live lessons

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Testing website resources before live lessons

Postby HellyDouglas » Wed 17. Feb 2021, 08:38

Anyone else been caught out with a promising website resource that doesn't work just when you need it in a live lesson?

After getting caught out a few times, I've developed a system to use before my lesson:

    1: Do a general check of the site to make sure it's not moved or changed since I last used it.
    2: Try out the activity to check it delivers the LO and how long it takes to complete (and to spot any problem ads).
    3: Check the website works in school- often the safety filters can block sites unexpectedly. I have to put in a request with my IT dept to unblock specific sites before I need them.

This article has other useful tips for preparing for live teaching: https://community.wacom.com/eu/europe/8-ways-to-prepare-before-your-live-online-lesson-begins

How do you manage your resources before a live lesson?

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