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How can I prepare slideshows for teaching live lessons?

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How can I prepare slideshows for teaching live lessons?

Postby HellyDouglas » Wed 17. Feb 2021, 19:07

I'm a big PowerPoint fan in the classroom and for remote teaching.
When I first started teaching live online lessons, I was cramming slides with loads of information. It was far too much for my students to read and understand. I think it was a reflection of my anxiety about forgetting things while trying to manage all the technology!

I'm working on simplifying the slides and I think it makes them more effective for my students- anything to reduce the unnecessary cognitive load.

This approach works well:
    - Add the bare minimum text to each slide - key words rather than blocks of text
    - Use transitions to stop everything appearing at once
    - Add pictures but only if they're helpful- ditch the random clipart
    - Use my Wacom digital pen to add notes and draw while I'm teaching
    - Save the digital ink at the end of the lesson and send the slides out as a revision resource

What are your tips for preparing slides before a live lesson?
Wacom verified teacher :)

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