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How to use Wacom for Lesson Planning

All topics for eLearning and eTeaching with the help of Wacom products
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How to use Wacom for Lesson Planning

Postby HellyDouglas » Fri 19. Feb 2021, 12:42

Lesson planning doesn't have to be rigid. Using a Wacom device gives you the freedom to annotate and change lesson plans as you use them- they become 'living documents' rather than static plans to follow. With digital ink you can edit existing plans, add extra information, and quickly evaluate how the lesson went.

I use a typed lesson template on Word with lots of space for annotation. Sometimes I'll write in a great question I thought of during the lesson, or an idea for a scaffolding support, and I add a few notes at the end about how it went- I used to always meant to do this and then forgot before I had digital ink.

How do you use your pen device for lesson planning?
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