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Simplifying lesson planning with Wacom digital ink

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Simplifying lesson planning with Wacom digital ink

Postby HellyDouglas » Fri 19. Feb 2021, 12:50

I used to spend so much time crafting these long detailed lesson plans - it took hours! I work much more quickly now by using digital ink.

My lesson plans always start with the learning objective- it's so easy to begin with great activity ideas but then you lose track of what students are meant to be learning so I avoid going activity first. Once the LO is sorted, I handwrite in digital ink a few key questions, sentence starters, tasks to be completed.

I'm moving away from lots of premade worksheets and instead think of more targeted tasks. The time saved on planning lessons is spent assessing progress and creating a feedback loop with my class.

There's a useful article here if you want to read more about planning great lessons: https://community.wacom.com/eu/europe/education/how-to-design-the-perfect-online-lesson/
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