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Teaching students to make online graphic organisers

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Teaching students to make online graphic organisers

Postby HellyDouglas » Mon 22. Mar 2021, 14:25

Show your students how to create their own graphic organisers using an ‘I Do-We Do- You Do’ approach. First, give them a completed organiser to analyse and discuss. Then create one collaboratively using an online space like a digital whiteboard. Verbalise your thought process so they can see how it is done. Finally, they can create their own version.

Use a range of colours and highlighters to make clear connections between ideas. Pen tablet writing can be erased and edited easily, letting you respond to the suggestions made by your students. They need to see the emphasis is on the organisation, not on making it look pretty.

Don’t just use words with graphic organisers. Add images and diagrams drawn with your pen tool and insert pictures found online. You can highlight and write directly over text and images to emphasise, edit, and annotate.
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