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How to use Wacom devices to create graphic organisers

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How to use Wacom devices to create graphic organisers

Postby HellyDouglas » Mon 22. Mar 2021, 14:32

Graphic organisers are simple, but you still need to teach your students how to use them effectively. With online live lessons, you’re forced to type awkwardly into boxes whilst trying to talk. It isn’t an effective way to model the process. Alternatively, you can handwrite on paper under a visualiser, but this leaves you the hassle of typing up the notes.

With Wacom, you get the ability to handwrite straight into a graphic organiser and can save an electronic copy for further use. That lets you clearly model the process with your students so they can see how to create their own. It feels more natural than typing into boxes.

- changing pen colour
- adding boxes and grids
- connecting with lines and arrows
- handwriting key vocabulary, prompt questions, and other useful information
- upload images/ diagrams and draw on them
- draw diagrams and other visuals to aid understanding

By using a Wacom pen device, you’re creating a visually appealing organiser that you can copy, store, edit, and print easily. They make a great resource to stick in students’ books or display in the classroom. Add them to collaborative online pages for distance learning and use them as handy revision tools.
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