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Best graphic organisers

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Best graphic organisers

Postby HellyDouglas » Mon 22. Mar 2021, 14:38

Everyone has their favourite way of organising information. There are hundreds of templates online, so it's easy to copy and paste them onto a whiteboard and write on them with your Wacom pen device.
These are my favourites:

    Hierarchy charts
    Flow charts
    Venn diagrams
    Idea wheel
    Planning chart
    Word web

Think about how complex the information you need to present is. That will help you decide which type of model will suit you. Consider the relationship between the pieces of information.

Types of organisation include:

Spider: A single topic with details around it
Cluster: Ideas arranged around different smaller themes
Venn: Similarities and differences
Fishbone: Cause and effect model
Cyclical: A cycle that keeps moving without a beginning or end
Continuum: A process with a fixed start and finish

What I love about these graphic organisers is that digital tools (like my Wacom pen) make them 'living' documents. There's no need for them to be static and constantly re-created. I can just edit and amend them over time.
Wacom verified teacher :)

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