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Sketchnoting with Wacom Intuos

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Sketchnoting with Wacom Intuos

Postby HellyDouglas » Wed 24. Mar 2021, 12:26

If you're a fan of sketchnoting (like me!) you can use your Wacom Intuos to make digital sketchnotes that are perfect for revision and memory joggers.

As the Intuos is a tablet, you'll need to draw on your tablet's surface while looking at the screen on your computer. It doesn't take long to get the hang of it, but you might want to practise a bit first before doing it while you teach.

Keep your sketches and icons as simple as possible (stick figures and outlines) so they are easy to draw quickly.
I found that it was easier to create them sitting down at my desk, so I had a stable surface to work on. I have tried doing them on PowerPoint slides, but I was limited by the space available. I have better success using digital whiteboards because I can expand them in any direction.

Because you're drawing them with your Intuos, the ink is digital, so there's no need to scan a paper copy. You can share a link to your digital whiteboard, or cut-and-paste the sketchnote as an image to attach to resources.

Next step for me- teaching my students to draw their own (and not waste time making it look pretty!)
Wacom verified teacher :)

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