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First week back in the classroom-using Wacom for in-person classes

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First week back in the classroom-using Wacom for in-person classes

Postby HellyDouglas » Wed 24. Mar 2021, 12:47

I'm based in the UK, so school are now reopened (woo-hoo!)

I've been using my Wacom devices (I have the Wacom One and Intuos) for all my live lessons and pre-recorded classes.

Now I'm back in front of the class, I'm thinking about how I can keep using my Wacom devices effectively.

I have to admit, for my first day, I just reverted to normal with a big whiteboard marker pen and a projector onto a static whiteboard. But, I had big problems:
    1: ALL the whiteboard pens disappeared while school was shut! I was left with one that barely worked, so no choice of colour and it didn't show up well on the whiteboard (sorry kids at the back of the room)
    2: Because of COVID restrictions, the kids stay still and us teachers move around the site. That meant walking into a room with a board already covered in writing and having to rub it off before I started teaching (and remembering to rub it off at the end of my lesson)
    3: I couldn't keep the notes I'd made during the lesson. That meant quickly writing down who I'd given house points to and taking a photo of a mind map we'll need again next lesson.

On my second day, I decided to ditch the whiteboard pen and try using my Wacom device instead.

I used my Wacom Intuos because it's small and I can stick it in my bag (or the little trolley I pull around with all my supplies in). I can still use the class plug-in projector that uses an HDMI connection.
I did spend 5 minutes connecting it to my work laptop and downloading the drivers. Now I've done that, I can just plug-and-play next time.
I kept my Intuos plugged in (out of habit) but I will try the Bluetooth connection next time for one less cable on my desk!

Because of COVID, we have to teach from the front and keep 2 metres away from the students. We are wearing masks and the students are too. I found my digital pen really useful for pointing out places on my slides, underlining text, and making notes. I tried holding the tablet while writing but definitely prefer having it on a stable surface, like my desk. I would prefer a high teaching podium to make it even easier to write while teaching.

The absolute best moment was when I turned off the whiteboard and walked out without having to clean off my writing (just save the ink annotations if you'll need them again). Every student could read my writing clearly- I just need to practise a little on my handwriting (typical left-handed)

Next steps for me:
    - Using Bluetooth connection
    - Using a digital whiteboard for general note taking during the lesson
    - Inviting students to view and add to the digital whiteboard as their homework task
    - Improving my handwriting on the screen

I'd love to hear how other people are using their Wacom devices back in the classroom. Any tips would be great.
Wacom verified teacher :)

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