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Not just for online learning/ hybrid teaching...

All topics for eLearning and eTeaching with the help of Wacom products
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Not just for online learning/ hybrid teaching...

Postby HellyDouglas » Mon 29. Mar 2021, 13:14

One thing I've learnt from remote teaching is how to quickly make learner videos (I use Stream or Loom). I annotate my lesson slides with my Wacom Intuos while talking and recording my screen.

I'm going to keep using this approach for setting homework tasks and cover lessons.

1st, cover lessons...
Cover lessons are just awful! They normally have to be so self-explanatory that there's no new learning. But if I record a quick video, the cover supervisor can play it to the class and everyone can watch and hear my demos and explanations.

2nd, homework...
I get such a mixed bag of homework from my students. I notice that lower achievers and students with SEN find it particularly hard. So if I record a quick video and upload it for the students (I use Teams), they can watch my video run through of the task and see me model examples for them.

I'd love to hear how everyone is planning on taking lockdown tech back into their classrooms.
Wacom verified teacher :)

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