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Using Wacom for setting homework

All topics for eLearning and eTeaching with the help of Wacom products
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Using Wacom for setting homework

Postby HellyDouglas » Mon 29. Mar 2021, 14:07

My students are expected to do home learning tasks every week. I think my Wacom Intuos can help me create effective homework tasks and cut my marking time (win!)

- Setting work: I get so annoyed by partial work being submitted and frustrated when students misunderstand the task, so I think recording explainer videos (with Loom, Stream, or Zoom etc) will really help. I can use my Wacom device to annotate the slides and also write model answers so they understand what I'm looking for.

- Marking work: I'm a big fan of self-marking work (like Microsoft Forms, or Wizer), but often I want detailed responses that can't be self-marked. Then I can use Kami to handwrite straight onto my students' work without having to print them out or fiddle with text boxes. I can email them back or save them on Teams for students to read.

I'm wondering how else I can use my Wacom device to boost learning. Any ideas?
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