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How did we survive/ manage online teaching through the pandemic?

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How did we survive/ manage online teaching through the pandemic?

Postby HellyDouglas » Wed 31. Mar 2021, 18:04

EdtechX and Wacom recently had a conference about the future of remote teaching.

They posed this question:
    How did you manage (or survive!) online teaching through the pandemic?

There were loads of great replies:
- Mary Ellen Wiltrout from MIT talked about having people ready to jump in. She talked about adapting their already successful online lessons to cope with synchronous learning.

- James Mutton from Putney High School discussed learning from our mistakes (Fail = First Attempt At Learning) and his server collapsing on the very first day of remote learning! He talked about the importance of preparation and the effort staff put in to adapt and cope with the challenges and change.

- Carla Aerts, the Founder of Refracted, shared her personal experience of online learning. She highlighted the challenges of digital poverty and the impact it has when delivering online learning.

- Dr Kiran Nair, Programme Director/Ass. Professor at Abu Dhabi School of Management talked about the surprise of lockdown. He and his colleagues had never taught online before. The had great internet speeds, but weren't sure how to move to remote teaching. They focused on the main challenge - how to make the learning interactive to boost engagement.

- Deahna Grazioli, STEAM & Technology Educator at Hazlet Township Public Schools in New Jersey, explained that their students already had their own devices. Their focus was on engagement, "What are we doing that's working and what isn't?"

For me, I coped by adapting what I already had and spending LOTS of time learning how to use a few basic skills (e.g. how to use Teams, Recording videos, how to manage a live class). It helped me get through until I could upskill myself on a 'need to' basis.

How did you cope through lockdown?
Wacom verified teacher :)

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