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What is the future of education?

All topics for eLearning and eTeaching with the help of Wacom products
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What is the future of education?

Postby HellyDouglas » Wed 31. Mar 2021, 18:59

At the EdTechX/ Wacom conference this question was asked:

    What is the future of education and what are you optimistic about?

Here's what the panel said:

Deahna Grazioli |STEAM & Technology Educator |Hazlet Township Public Schools, New Jersey
    What we will keep is the self direction in learning.
    We'll be teaching the entire person, not just information and content.
    We'll collaborate with other schools in different places and time zones.

Dr Kiran Nair| Programme Director/Ass. Professor | Abu Dhabi School of Management
    The education system has been going in the same direction for a few years, but in the next 5-7 years we'll see dramatic change.
    Students getting degrees from institutions across the world
    The use of AI and digitalisation and globalisation
    Students collaborating across the world
    Lifelong learning - people need to keep learning necessary skills for new jobs and they won't want to attend in-person classes
    More student-centric. Schools adapting to the needs of learners

Carla Aerts | Founder | Refracted
    An incredible opportunity here. The pandemic has shown us inequality of access to online learning. The big opportunity is to enhance access to learning and cater for every child. Thinking beyond the LMS.
    Much more interconnectivity. Children in different countries can learn together.
    Mobile delivery of lessons

James Mutton | Deputy Head, Digital Innovation and Curriculum | Putney High School
    Reduced cost of Teacher training as students can stay at home and still train
    Wider access to teaching (e.g. those who live a long way from a university)
    Schools will look for teachers with a digital skillset

Mary Ellen Wiltrout | Director of Online and Blended Learning Initiatives, Lecturer in Digital Learning |MIT
    A continuation of the fundamentals of good learning.
    Educational tools will mimic lab spaces.
    The pandemic has catapulted us forward

What do you think the future of education will look like?
Wacom verified teacher :)

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