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Easy ways to make online lessons interactive

Posted: Thu 29. Apr 2021, 09:55
by HellyDouglas
Interactive lessons are so much more powerful than students just listening to you teach. It gives them the chance to feel involved and helps give you instant formative assessment during the lessons.

Here are a few really easy ideas:
1: Polls - use polling to gauge student responses (and see who's on the call but not really there!)
2: Quizzes - Kahoot is one of many popular quizzing websites you can use.
3: Shared whiteboard space - there are loads around, Jamboard is one lots of teachers mention as you can see all the students' individual boards at once.
4: Pear Deck- students complete their own slides which you can share with the class - it works perfectly with your Wacom pen for drawing
5: show me - can be as simple as typing in the chat bar, or holding paper to their camera, or thumbs up/ down.
6: Chat bar - post questions and students post their replies in the chat bar.

How else can we make online lessons interactive?