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How can you use your Wacom device to help students revise?

Posted: Thu 29. Apr 2021, 10:14
by HellyDouglas
Revising is hard. So many of our students don't know how to revise effectively. Using your Wacom device can help them revise more effectively.

Here are a few ideas for using your pen device:
- Draw and handwrite graphic organisers. Use colours and simple diagrams to help organise ideas and make links
- Model how to answer questions by displaying an example on an empty slide. Record yourself highlighting key words, circling the points available, and handwriting the answer ( particularly useful for Science and maths)
- Record short revision videos. Use your digital pen to handwrite notes, draw diagrams, highlight and underline using screen share
- Offer revision sessions online. Use screen sharing to show a slideshow or whiteboard and draw and write with your tablet.

How else could you use your Wacom pen device for revision?