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CTL-471 Proximity sensor keeps flickering when hovering

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CTL-471 Proximity sensor keeps flickering when hovering

Postby ruleblader » Sat 25. Nov 2017, 17:16

What's up! This is my first post on this forum so apologies in advance for any misconceptions.

I have this problem where, when I'm hovering at a really fast pace over my keyboard area, the proximity sensor keeps flickering. This also happens when i change the pen proximity even slightly above a certain threshold.

I would not mind it but it seems to be disrupting my cursor movement (for milliseconds) from time to time and it is very noticeable.

Is this normal behavior or is my product broken? I have tried with different drivers but it remains the same way.

By the way, it doesn't flicker when I'm dragging really closely to the surface.

OS: Win10
Model: CTL471

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Re: CTL-471 Proximity sensor keeps flickering when hovering

Postby wacom1 » Sun 26. Nov 2017, 06:13

I am not sure about this - perhaps the pen is faulty, perhaps the tablet does get enough energy, perhaps your pen movement is too high. - Try attaching the tablet to another USB port. If possible check on another computer. Best would be testing with another pen. - Under Windows turn off 'use Windows Ink' as this affects reactions a little bit. You can basically test the pen in the driver control panel under About/Info -> diagnose.

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Re: CTL-471 Proximity sensor keeps flickering when hovering

Postby ruleblader » Sun 26. Nov 2017, 13:41

As per recommendations of thread posts I have found on Reddit, I have installed a really old driver (5.3.3-2) and used it for quite a bit since yesterday.

Though the sensor still flickers (albeit less frequently it seems), I feel like my cursor movement is a lot more fluid and consistent when snapping from position to position really fast. It also seems better for general usage than the newer versions.

I have also disabled Windows Ink and it seems a lot better than before. Thank you for your help!

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