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MSP 16 with external monitor blanks out

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Re: MSP 16 with external monitor blanks out

Postby plaurits » Tue 24. Apr 2018, 08:39

plaurits wrote:
dmeerpa wrote:Ok think I got it solved.
but you chose the old driver 154014.4352. You can see the difference because it is called Intel(R) Iris(Tm) instead of Iris(R).

Can someone kindly share this driver?

I found the link to the old driver that perhaps works. I just installed it so I haven't had time to thoroughly test it yet.


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Re: MSP 16 with external monitor blanks out

Postby TheNoLifeKing » Sat 5. May 2018, 01:23

Mine does the all the time - without an external monitor. Does anyone have a confirmed solution? zBrush, Photoshop, Chrome and or just about whatever im doing seems to cause it.

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Re: MSP 16 with external monitor blanks out

Postby PrielHackim » Thu 17. May 2018, 09:28

So i got the same blink out problem

i thogut i solved that allready by setting both monitors on 60 hz and using Hdmi2 60hz cables

now after the new win update Monitor blank out again

when u look at Win driver properties u can see that window do not co respond with driver

Driver 60hz
win properties 59hz


https://www.reddit.com/r/wacom/comments ... 10_update/

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