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MSP 16" i7 - Slow performance

Cintiq Companion, Cintiq Companion Hybrid, Cintiq Companion 2 and MobileStudio Pro
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MSP 16" i7 - Slow performance

Postby tamire » Mon 22. Oct 2018, 06:39

Hello everyone,
I've purchased Mobile Studio Pro's high-end model about 2 months ago for home usage and personal projects, and I barely use it.

I'm really disappointed with its performance thus far, in almost every aspect.

Here's the deal - considering the fact that it's packed with some decent specs, its behavior in most software I use (I'm a 3d artist and also use 2d software such as Illustrator, Photoshop and Sketchbook) is of an i5 PC at best.

Some examples to emphasize this point:
* Touch gestures are insanely slow: I draw in Autodesk Sketchbook, and I try to zoom in and out using touch gestures. A single layer, nothing too fancy, and any attempt to pan or zoom in and out is just painfully slow and laggy.
* Quick pen movements, especially circular, are delayed (in Sketchbook and Photoshop).
* Using Substance Painter, I open a single object file and it just crawls when I try to navigate around it. No millions of Polygons are involved.
* I activated a certain Unity game and the fans went berzerk (the unit also started boiling with heat)

It just doesn't act like I thought it would. I tried to lift the power settings to maximum at any mode (charging or unplugged), and obviously - all necessary Wacom driver updates. Also, made Nvidia to be the main choice in all cases for handling graphics.

I know how Wacom screens and user experience is supposed to feel. I have 27QHD for years now, and the MSP drawing and overall usage experience is not anywhere near it by now.
I paid top dollar for it and I really don't feel like I'm getting my money's worth in the unit right now.

Is there's something I'm forgetting? Anything else needs to be done in order to speed up performance?

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Re: MSP 16" i7 - Slow performance

Postby dylanteague » Mon 22. Oct 2018, 14:40

Same here, really gutted :(

I bought it a while back and haven't really used it much at all, I'm still using my companion but I know its days are numbered because of the dodgy power port.

Other than that the companion seems better in every way and a 1000 pounds cheaper.

First problem with the msp was I set it to high performance, and it totally ruined the machine, just crashing every 5 mins, so I had to re install Windows.

Other problems,
Screen: whilst the resolution is better it just seems a lower standard compared to the companion, loads of bleed at the edges, very flickery back light and worst of all odd flickering when I place the pen near the screen. This can be under the nib or in line with the nib and at the top of the screen. Also the alignment seems to go off very quickly from the centre of the screen. The companion was great right up to about 0.5 cm at the edge. The msp seems to go out about 10 cm from the edge.

Performance: just seems a bit laggy compared to my companion, will hang every now and then, takes a lot longer to wake up and the brushes on clip studio seem laggier too.

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Re: MSP 16" i7 - Slow performance

Postby wacom5 » Tue 23. Oct 2018, 07:36

Setting the MobileStudio Pro to high performance should not cause the device to crash. If you had to reinstall Windows then probably the issue was something else.

As far as performance is concerned, the MobileStudio Pro has high specs but there are still limitations inherent to any device mean to be mobile. The lag you reported seems to be visual so I can only recommend that you keep the drivers updated - Wacom driver and all the other ones.
You can also check for processes running in the background that might slow the performance of the device. This is most of the times the cause for performance issues on devices running Windows.

I just tested Autodesk for example and I didn't notice any lag when using gesture pan, zoom and rotation. Then pen strokes were also very, very responsive. I didn't have the device plugged to the power supply so the performance was not even set to the highest.
Used the exact same device as yours: MobileStudio Pro 16 - 512GB.
I have very few software installed. Just a few browsers and some drawing software for testing.

As far as gaming is concerned, the MSP was never built with that purpose. It can definitely handle gaming to some extent, but there will be obvious limitations. This can be demanding on the hardware and the fans will turn up to prevent the device from overheating. This would be the expected behaviour.

If you suspect there is some issue with your device, please reach out to our support.

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