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Express keys on MSP; Lock the tablet?

Posted: Fri 29. Sep 2017, 17:50
by tomatogoatee
Is there any way to setup one of the express keys to lock the tablet? I tried to assign a keystroke of Win+L, but it just opens the start menu.

I don't know what kind of clout the board mods have over the software development, but if 'Lock Computer' could BECOME an option in a future driver version, that would be nice. When I'm using my tablet at work, I like to lock it when I need to leave the office. When I don't have my keyboard at the ready, locking is a bit tedious...


Just to let folks know about the workaround I figured out, you can create a shortcut to the function that actually locks the workstation and map THAT to one of the express keys.

Create a shortcut with the target:
%windir%\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation
Name it something like, "Lock Workstation" and put the shortcut somewhere unobtrusive. (Or leave it on the desktop. I'm not the boss of you.)
Choose the expresskey desired, select 'Applications' then 'Open/Run...' and select the shortcut you created.
Enjoy your new ability to lock your tablet without resorting to a keyboard or the Start menu.