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CCH 1 Restore Android

Posted: Fri 30. Dec 2016, 15:24
by 4lk4tr43

Is there a download for the CCH1 Android image? I want to try to repair my CCH1 by using the option "apply update from external storage".

When I boot up the device I get the dead Android Robot with a red exclamation icon and the error message "No command".
I managed to get into Android system recovery by pressing the menu button 6 times and then the center key.
I tried all other option (wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition, reboot in save mode), but nothing helped.

Thank you for any advice on how to repair the device.

Re: CCH 1 Restore Android

Posted: Mon 2. Jan 2017, 09:04
by wacom1
No, there is no external image available for that. Normally the Android option 'reset to factory' should work and if that fails, probably something is wrong with the SSD, that requires repair.