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Re: MSP 16 with external monitor blanks out

Posted: Wed 17. Jan 2018, 16:55
by konslid
wacom1 wrote:Do have this also if there is no external screen attached ? Then soemthing is wrong with the unit - perhaps a bad display connection internally or something overheating. Check temperature, test with and without powersupply connected, and check the power options to see if that is related.

Today I've noticed that it has started blanking out even if the only charger is connected. It is happening when I'm scrolling web pages or dragging/resizing windows. It have started making me extremely upset :( I thought I was buying a professional device and I had not even imagined that such things might have such problems.

Re: MSP 16 with external monitor blanks out

Posted: Thu 18. Jan 2018, 13:37
by wacom1
If you have the problem without an external monitor connected, the unit has a hardware problem and needs repair. If you have that with external monitor, make sure the Nvidia driver is updated and the cable connections and external display are working properly. External screens blacking out is not normal for the MSP.

Re: MSP 16 with external monitor blanks out

Posted: Mon 22. Jan 2018, 11:52
by introjoe
konslid wrote:Today I've noticed that it has started blanking out even if the only charger is connected. It is happening when I'm scrolling web pages or dragging/resizing windows.

this sounds bad! seems the problem is somehow "evolving" ... starting to flicker also when there is no screen attached ...?! any other experience with that?

in my case, the problem (msp screen blanks out) exists only with an cable-linked display attached:
Whenever the nvidia iris graphic 550 gpu (which driver is updated to version / 18.Dez.2017) goes beyond about 50% performance-usage, the blanking goes on ...

now im courious: has anyone tried to attach a wireless monitor? as it seems, the problem comes with the cable connection - so as a workaround, maybe wireless-screening is an option?

Re: MSP 16 with external monitor blanks out

Posted: Mon 22. Jan 2018, 12:19
by mbieganek
I as well have the same issue.
It seems to pop up when the processors are being highly utilized, as I can disconnect any secondary monitors, and when for example, pre - processing for a 3D print,, the MSD16 will blink at repeatable, consistent places during the processing.
I originally connected a 4k external monitor via HDMI,, which would never blink,, but prior to posting,, removed any drivers I could find, & connected via the Wacom Link & native display port,,, now both the MSD16's display AND the external monitor will blink the same way during times of high processing!.
I've both the Latest Iris drivers & Nvidia Drivers installed. Tried installing the Bios update,, but the program froze,, and a little worried about trying again & bricking the unit.

Re: MSP 16 with external monitor blanks out

Posted: Mon 22. Jan 2018, 14:27
by mbieganek
Updated Note,,

Because it's repeatable using the PrePrint process for 3D printing,, I did some more testing & need to revise my previous statement.
This is all during an approx 45 min preprocess,, and is repeatable. I'm using the latest version of PreForm (from Form2 labs),, and any suitably complex .obj model found on the web. (Spinning a model in Inventor will accomplish the same thing!)

Items found to be Irrelevant (made no difference)
Connection to a network
USB C devices connected,, (including the charger)
DPI set to 100%, 150%(default),
Power plan settings, (specifically interested in the intel graphics settings), made possibly only a difference in frequency.

When it Will Blink:

Secondary Monitor Connected Via HDMI (Not enabled,,, simply plugged into a Samsung 4k Monitor).
Secondary Monitor Connected Via HDMI Enabled,, although the HDMI never Blinks.

Wacom Link:
Wacom Link Connected via Display Port to a Samsung Monitor(4K), & Monitor Enabled. (Although both will blink independently, seems to be related to the amount of other work going on.) The Samsung monitor When blinking,, will give the "Display Port" logo,, that show's up when it acquires a signal source.
Wacom Link Connected to a Display Port(only display port blinks) on a Samsung Monitor (4k),,, Internal Monitor Disabled & third Monitor connected to HDMI.

When set to Mirror,,, they will still both Blink Randomly. (not in tandem).
Does not matter if Q M1000M has any applications running on it or not!!
If preform is minimized, they will still blink,, but at a less frequent pace.

When it won't blink.

***** When secondary Monitor is connected via DisplayPort, and the MSP16's monitor is disabled *****
Cable connected to a HDMI device, Monitor disabled.
Wacom Link Connected via Display Port,, monitor disabled in "Display Settings"
Wacom Link Connected via Display Port,, monitored enabled, but PreForm Minimized. and no active work on the screen,,, ie a scrolling news story in Edge won't cause it to blink,, but moving the Edge window around will. (worse if PreForm is running).

Wacom Link Connected to a Display Port on a 1080p Monitor,,, Internal Monitor Disabled & third Monitor(4k) connected to HDMI.

MSP16 internal resolution set to 1080p,, Secondary Monitor connected via Display Port(4k).

The HDMI device has never blinked.

Iris Driver:
Q M1000M Driver:

So my thoughts are,,, if it will never blink,, via the WACOM Link,, on the 4k External Monitor connected with Display Port, there is nothing wrong with the Hardware connections.

When I switched the Internal Resolution down to 1080p,, what was truly interesting is the GPU usage of the NVIDA went to 0,, unless I forced the PreForm to use the Q M1000M.

Things got even more interesting,, when I had started out in 1080p, (on the MSP16),, then switched back to 4k,, with both connected,, as the GPU usage had jumped up to 65-70 percent,,, (still with the Intel using most),,, the flickering completely stopped on the MSP16 (@4k),, and now the external 4k monitor would flicker,, exactly the way the MSP16 would originally.... Then the Monitors went to sleep,,, when I woke them back up,, we were back to exactly where I started from.

The Q M1000M is actually being utilized more for "3d" vs just "COPY" (with copy roughly mirroring the "3d" work done on the Intel).

Basically it seems the HW is ok,,, problem shows up when a 4k Display Port is connected with another Monitor. It sure feels like drivers!!!,,, with the Intel Driver not wanting to give control to the QM1000M.

Re: MSP 16 with external monitor blanks out

Posted: Mon 22. Jan 2018, 17:23
by Sensiblepencil
I’ve just posted a new question about using a wireless adapter to a screen. It worked perfectly..... until last week.

Wacom, I’m waiting for a response, please.

This is effecting your customers businesses- severely - and needs sorting out ASAP. You’re charging us premium prices and we’re a loyal bunch. Please respond.

Re: MSP 16 with external monitor blanks out

Posted: Wed 24. Jan 2018, 07:36
by konslid
mbieganek, wow, cool investigation and report, thank you

so we are waiting for a driver update that will fix this issue?

Any comments from wacom?

Re: MSP 16 with external monitor blanks out

Posted: Tue 30. Jan 2018, 09:58
by wacom1
We do not test wireless screen adapters. If there is a problem with that, I would check with the maker of that device. - Regarding intermittently blanking out monitors - that can happen for many different reasons: instable cable connections, too long cables, too high resolutions, graphics driver issues (Intel and NVidia), it can also be a problem of the attached monitor (some displays seem to work not so well/stable with DP1.2 and older displayport connections are more stable). If a problem happens only with heavy system load, the unit may get too hot. - We can only advice to narrow down the issue, test different situations, that could clarify where the problem is. If MSP blanks out without external connections and under normal load, there is probably a defect in the hardware and the unit should go for repair.

Re: MSP 16 with external monitor blanks out

Posted: Wed 31. Jan 2018, 13:41
by mbieganek

1. OUT OF THE BOX,, the NVidia card did not work!!! and had to go looking for drivers,, (first thru Auto Updates, then manually locating the latest ones.)
Had there been a stable set of drivers on the unit, I doubt I'd have gone looking for new ones.

2. I agree on the cabling ect,,, so I bought the adapter from this little company,, you may have heard of them,,, called WACOM,, (That believe it or not,,, actually comes with cables,,, that I'm assuming are NOT TO LONG??)

3. To High a resolution???? Well,, the main screen is a 4k?,,, shouldn't it support an external 4K??? What is to high a resolution???

4. Will cause issues, immediately on startup, so temperature is not the culprit.

5. Using a Samsung Monitor,,, with problems when connecting with both display port & HDMI. The problem is,, I can't switch the internal monitor from display port to HDMI,,, and I can't disable the Intel adapter... The Samsung Monitor has 2 HDMI 2.0, and 1 DisplayPort 1.2. I will locate a different 4k display & test.

6. External monitor on Display port alone is Stable,,, so not HW or cabling.

So,, what I did do,, was make a complete image of the machine,, out of the box,,,, that I can easily revert to. Can you please provide even the version #'s of the latest known STABLE drivers,,, for both the NVIDA and INTEL GPU's. (and if important,, the order to install them??,, and what to remove from the NON WORKING OUT OF THE BOX SETUP???)

As a side note, Ideally,, as I use it as a desktop replacement,, (meaning it's always plugged in,,, I just travel between the US & Europe, and bring it with me),, I'd love to completely disable the Intel GPU,, and use only the NVIDIA one. (Although,, have a funny feeling this is impossible,, as the Intel chip seems to be integrated with the USB C functionality).

Re: MSP 16 with external monitor blanks out

Posted: Wed 31. Jan 2018, 15:59
by wacom1
The unit comes with stable drivers from the time of production. The Intel graphics is integrated into the CPU and uses less power than the Nvidia. So normally that is the prefered CPU for the desktop. Usually drivers are updated automatically by Windows, that is a moving target. We have no control about that.- Some applications (Photoshop) do not use Nvidia automatically, may not even see the Nvidia card and that may need reinstalling the Intel or Nvidia drivers.