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MSP 16 Screen Protector

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MSP 16 Screen Protector

Postby blueaacis » Thu 2. Nov 2017, 19:59

Hello! im looking for recomendations regarding a screen protector for my MSP 16 since i teach with it and take it everywhere im afraid of scratching the screen , does anyone have a screen protector that you like and would recommend , i want something that feels roguth and not like glass (i love the feeling that the screen has without any screen protector , so something similar would be great)

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Re: MSP 16 Screen Protector

Postby tomatogoatee » Fri 3. Nov 2017, 13:46

When I got the screen protector for my MSP 16, I wanted an anti-glare one, too. But nobody was making them at that time, so I ended up buying this: ... .zb68XQ2E6

But now that company IS making anti-glare protectors for the MSP 16. The same company also made the anti-glare protector I got for my Cintiq 13. I would assume the material would be the same for the MSP.

So, my opinion on the screen protector. The crystal-clear that I was forced to get is good, but VERY reflective. On top of that, the pen squeaks while you're drawing on it. It's also become VERY scratched in the 6 months I've had it. (I tried to take a photo of the damage, but the nature of the glossy surface didn't allow it.)

The anti-glare that I put on my Cintiq is, naturally, not shiny at all. However, it is a much lower quality protector than the film Wacom puts on the display from the factory. It, too, has become very scratched.

On both tablets, the scratches are invisible while the display is on. Even while off, it's much harder to see the scratches on the anti-glare material.

Both kits came with two protectors. The MSP was much harder to apply. (I actually had to throw the first one away because of dust trapped under it.)

Do I think it's worth it? Heck yes! $40 US for two is a bargain to protect your tablet! Even if they only last 10 months each, that price is more than fair.

Wacom really should offer whatever it is they use on the glass to the general public. I would buy that in a heartbeat.

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