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Pro Pen vs Pro Pen 2

Posted: Mon 13. Nov 2017, 15:14
by ratapeter
I have a problem very similar to the one described by "azrette" in this forum back in febraruy 15th this year. (see: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=342)

I recently bought a msp 13, and going from a Cintiq 13 to this device I quickly noticed that the pressure sensitivity would behave differently from what I was used to with some specific brushes. Just as azrette described, the pro pen 2 was weaker in opacity using the same amount of pressure as with the pro pen 1. I tried with both pro pen 1 and pro pen 2 on my new msp where the pro pen 1 gave the same lines as on my old cintiq and the pro pen 2 had lesser of opacity.

I cranked the pressure curve up as far as I could, which gave better opacity in relation to pressure on the pro pen 2, but instead affected the dynamics of the thickness of the line in a bad way, and did not have the overall same feel to it as with the pro pen 1 and default settings. Here is a screenshot from tablet pen properties

This is the brush I am using, a default photoshop brush with added pen pressure on opacity jitter, lines drawn with pro pen 2 on the mps 13: (the lines should be close to 100% black if I used the pro pen 1 with same amount of pressure, instead they are closer to 70 % black, which is visible on the points where line 1 crosses line 2)

As I said, this very brush worked good with the pro pen 1, but gave less of opacity with the pro pen 2, using both pens on my new mobile studio pro 13.

Unfortunately I don't have access to a pro pen 1 anymore so I can't give a comparison but the images used by azrette resembled of my problem.