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MSP16 won't allow touch input when pen is in range.

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MSP16 won't allow touch input when pen is in range.

Postby sixbuttonpad » Sat 2. Dec 2017, 12:27

My MSP16 continues to ignore touch input when the pen is in range even though I've toggled the option in Windows not to do this:


I also tried shifting to Windows Gestures in this screen, but it had no effect:


My driver version is 6.3.25-5 and I updated to the latest pen firmware when the option was available, which I believe is version 1.2 but I can't see it right now on the Wacom Desktop Center.

Being able to use touch input with my other hand while the pen is in range is an important part of my workflow. Basically, the way it is now, it's like being forced to go back to Windows 8. I would be ecstatic if someone could give me an immediate solution -- I hope it's not an issue with the pen firmware or drivers that we'd have to wait for to be solved.

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Re: MSP16 won't allow touch input when pen is in range.

Postby wacom1 » Sun 3. Dec 2017, 12:14

When the pen is on tablet proximity touch should automatically be disabled, because otherwise the palm of the hand touches the surface and generates irregalar and isturbing input. That is one of the benefits of a digital pen. - Some programs have special 'palm rejection' routines and allow simultanious touch and pen input, but try to ignore the palm as 'too big touch point'. There are only few programs with such functionality. - The Windows setting for pen and touch affects only programs the 'use Windows Ink'. In that case pen and touch is handled by Windows routines.

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