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Experience with Cintiq pro 16 (review. READ to avoid headaches)

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Experience with Cintiq pro 16 (review. READ to avoid headaches)

Postby angrygymnast » Tue 12. Dec 2017, 22:21

Well, I bought my Cintiq after being a long time wacom user. I was drawn by my previous experience as a user thinking I was paying for a good device.
I was wrong.

I've had this Cintiq for less than 6 months and wacom will replace my device as it came faulty.
I did not experience the wobbly lines as many did because I bought the device after the patch was released. However I did experience some AWFUL issues that kept me thinking why on earth did wacom release a product that was as faulty as this one.

Issues I experienced:
-First the touch wouldn't come On the tablet. Would slide my finger across the cintiq's surface but the touch was detected on the mac.
posted a query about this without ZERO reply from wacom. I thought it was the driver so I uninstalled and installed it again. I had to turn the wacom twice in order to get the damned thing going on.
To make matters worse the cursor just wouldn't stay below the tip of the pen. It would jump around. This happened first, intermittently, then it was every other day and then it became a daily problem.

-The colors were OFF. I did experience the red tint, and found a way to work around the red tint (nightshift sierra problem) but then I realized that the blues, and purples showed differently on my cintiq screen: WAY OFF.
Posted again. Wacom did reply saying maybe the settings were reverted to default (which indeed happened a lot. Seemed no matter what I did my display settings wouldn't stay no matter what I did). Also for some weird reason the colors changed whilst working on the cintiq. The screen would flicker and the colors muted or "adjusted". Imagine trying to meet deadlines with a faulty Cintiq, thinking, am I being too picky with the colors? No I wasn't. The color were showing WRONG on the cintiq.

Many of us are professional artists and I believe, buy these products to enhance our experience and work flow. My time having this device has been an awful one, trying to figure out the "right" setting to "match" the color or turning it on an off to make the touch work properly (and even when I disabled it, the touch would still work with a jumpy cursor. NIGHTMARE). And well, Yes, I am aware that Sierra OS has a difficulty with seconds displays which wacom says "oh it's not my problem". Ok. But what happens when it IS their problem?

Finally after thinking I was stuck with a very expensive faulty device I contacted wacom directly in my country. To make a long story short They came and checked the device. The touch at this point was extremely faulty. I couldn't zoom and even when it was disabled it kept on working (This happened no matter the computer I was working on -please notice this issue developed over time. It was there the first time I turned it on. got worse as I used the device).

Wacom support brought a 13 inch pro cintiq and as they plugged it, the colors were messed up, so the guy told me it was "my computer" but it wasn't. Because when we were connecting my cintiq to another computer (colors were ok at the first try an on the cintiq color profile, whereas I had to choose a different profile) we turned around and looked at the 13 inch device and the colors were a match! as soon as I sat down and placed my hand on the wacom (left side where the display cable is hooked up) the cintiq blinked and the color switched back to being awful and a mismatch. This cables to which the cintiq 13 was connected on were MY cables. So it was NOT my computer. it was the damned CABLE. So this is why the colors showed off on every computer I plugged it in. Well, well, well...

They will replace my unit in the following two weeks but I do wonder what type of products is wacom selling nowadays? Faulty cables? Drivers that often don't work? I gotta say, I've worked with other cintiqs and never had to struggle to get the color right or fear that I would get a faulty device (yes, it could happen and I've had friends who had a problem with the product but it was a rare thing to happen). Now, I've been hearing problems with these new devices all over the place. Just two weeks ago I was contacted by person who had the same problem with the colors. Wacom just blames it on your computer or on Sierra. Yes, we know Sierra IS faulty and it might throw the cintiq off in some cases but I never thought my device would be faulty all around. The touch, the screen, the cables. And these are not cheap devices and are sold to professionals and I expect from wacom the highest quality possible.
I am hoping that my new device really works as it should.

I am leaving this here for anyone who wants to purchase the new cintiqs. Especially the new size. Please bear in mind that you * can* and will, most probably come across with bugs, and faulty devices. Test your Cintiq thoroughly before claiming you have a nice wacom product.

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