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Major Problems with all mac drivers (including 6.3.19-10 OSX) for MSP 16

Cintiq Companion, Cintiq Companion Hybrid, Cintiq Companion 2 and MobileStudio Pro
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Re: Major Problems with all mac drivers (including 6.3.19-10 OSX) for MSP 16

Postby wacom1 » Wed 15. Feb 2017, 14:17

The tablet driver does not have the slightest info about your zoom level nor the tool you are using in a program. But the tablet driver should provide information to the application software on 2 channels:
a) it should send the screen pointer to a specific pixel position on screen - it cannot send the pointer to invisible pixels, that are currently not shown when you zoom out too much.
b) it provides high resolution tablet information to application software, thus providing 'subpixel accuracy'. It is up to the application software and perhaps settings, whether subpixel accuracy is applied.

It looks like you get only pixel accuracy - enabling 'smoothing' in Photoshop should still help to some extend. But subpixel accuracy is better. - If that is not working, the high resolution data is not going from the driver to the app. I do not know, whether the driver is doing something, the OS, or the application. According to the developers there is something on the side of Apple in Sierra that is not working as expected.

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Re: Major Problems with all mac drivers (including 6.3.19-10 OSX) for MSP 16

Postby maxforward » Wed 15. Feb 2017, 19:19

I can picture the conversation.

wacom: "Hey Apple, it's wacom. The newest version of Sierra broke our drivers."

apple: "That's why we pre-release developer betas of our Mac OS. WTF"

and Davide, I'm using Corel Painter everyday, and I can assure you the wavy line bug is alive and horrible in that program as well.

Wacom, I get that the apple OS updates can muck things up, but something in the earlier 6.3.18-4 driver update fixed the wavy lines before, so why can't that specific solution be brought into a new driver update?

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Re: Major Problems with all mac drivers (including 6.3.19-10 OSX) for MSP 16

Postby estherau » Wed 17. May 2017, 13:00

I have this issue too still. I am on mac pro using sierra. everytime i install a new driver or reinstall an old one the problem is fixed, but afterawhile my wacom cintiq is undetected again. sometimes plugging and unpluggin usb helps. usually the only thing that helps is a restart.

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Re: Major Problems with all mac drivers (including 6.3.19-10 OSX) for MSP 16

Postby estudiodrops » Wed 8. Aug 2018, 16:13

It's so frustrating to see that the same problem persists for more than a year without solution!
Come on Wacom, do some good for your customers, everyone paid a lot for a tablet in order to have basic issues with drivers...
I lost so many hours and felt so stupid customizing rocker ring and buttons to lose everything on the first reboot.
I also removed preferences, reinstalled everything so many times without success!
So please, don't try to fool us with step by step solutions for a crap driver that clearly doesn't work.

Cintiq Companion Hybrid
Macbook Pro 10.13.6
Driver 6.3.30-2

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Re: Major Problems with all mac drivers (including 6.3.19-10 OSX) for MSP 16

Postby hugalf » Sat 18. Aug 2018, 21:58


I'm having a similiar problem but I don't know if it's directly because of the installed drivers (I just recently updated everything in a new mac with High Sierra).

Basically, everytime I reboot the computer I lose all of my edited settings (ExpressKeys, Rocker Ring etc.), in my case, I just changed some key in Photoshop CS6. Even if I backup and restore the data, simply doesn't import nothing, it's more a clean restore (another way to say that stays the same). For now, everytime I want to use my Wacom (Companion Hybrid) I have to configure every key again and again...

Anyone with the same problem? Any solution?

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