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Major Problems with all mac drivers (including 6.3.19-10 OSX) for MSP 16

Posted: Wed 4. Jan 2017, 21:51
by maxforward
Hi Wacom,

I have a lot of love for Wacom Devices in general, and have owned my share of Cintiqs and Intui. The MSP 16 is an amazing piece of hardware and I am really excited about it. BUT I hope you are busy continuing to update the Mobile Studio Pro drivers for Mac OS X Sierra, as currently none of them seem to be working well at all. My setup is the 2016 MacBook Pro 13" driving the MSP 16".

I am familiar with the process to disconnect, uninstall, restart, reinstall, restart, reconnect, etc the tablet and drivers via the wacom tablet utility to ensure a successful installation. I believe the problem is the drivers themselves and their interaction with OSX. I have also attempted installations over clean installs of OS X Sierra and problems persist.

The latest driver update 6.3.19-10 OSX is the worst of them- it causes my MSP 16 to be detected and undetected intermittently, and using the expresskeys would cease all stylus functioning, making it basically useless except as a monitor. It also seems to be poor at driving a signal to the monitor on mac startup; in that case I had to disconnect, login, and then reconnect. And initial calibrations attempting to use the tablet in left-handed mode (flipped) proved unsuccessful- moving the stylus from right to left would move the cursor from left to right, and same with up and down.

Additionally, when attempting do draw lines in zoomed out views, the lines are jagged and squiggly. This was not a problem for the earlier driver 6.3.18-4, which was more stable for me in general but tragically suffered from the sticky expresskey modifier problem, so workflow was impeded significantly there.

Currently I have downgraded and am now using the earlier driver 6.3.19-3, which is laggy, and has the 'jagged lines' problem, which is horrible, but so far, the expresskeys are not sticking, so I will attempt to made due with this setup as I wait for better drivers to be released. It is also slow to load the flipped/lefthanded orientation mode, which is annoying, but eventually it works.

I do understand that the new hardware of the MSP and Macbook and new OS software are bound to have problems, and that likely newer and better drivers and being developed, but since your latest drivers introduced more bugs than it cured (as far as I can tell, nothing was fixed), I have to voice my concerns- much more work is needed.

The Wacom Desktop Center doesn't seem to 'update' - it says my driver version is up to date when it clearly isn't. And overall, the US website is extremely poorly designed and barely seems to function, with broken links, buggy online store, and poor navigation, and no dedicated forum at present.

I have a feature request for the next versions of the mac and PC drivers- it would be wonderful if the rocker ring buttons could be used as simple buttons instead of touch/scrolling, like the rocker ring on the Cintiq Companion1. I have heard others express this same sentiment- seems like a simple thing to add, so please if you could :)

OK, if anybody sees anything obvious that I missed or has a suggestion that might help to try, please let me know, and thanks for hearing me out.


Re: Major Problems with all mac drivers (including 6.3.19-10 OSX) for MSP 16

Posted: Thu 5. Jan 2017, 17:34
by maxforward
I see now they have released new drivers... 6.3.20-4. I will try them out and report back, hopefully they will work better!

Re: Major Problems with all mac drivers (including 6.3.19-10 OSX) for MSP 16

Posted: Thu 5. Jan 2017, 21:25
by maxforward
I have tried the new drivers and... they really don't improve anything in terms of bugs from most recent earlier driver 6.3.19-10 - similar same bugs I complained about above, but it took longer for them to surface. For the record, I "uninstall the old driver, restart the computer, install this driver, restart the computer" as directed.

-Same jagged/wiggly lines when drawing in zoomed out views ( this was not a problem for drivers 6.3.18-4, though 'sticky' expresskeys was )
-MSP 16 is slow to 'detect' on the macbook pro '16. "no tablet detected" warnings are very disconcerting. Eventually, it is detected. This wasnt a problem when earlier drivers were installed.
-prolonged use results in incredible lag.
-using expresskeys initially positive- 'sticking' problem is alleviated- but eventually, results locked up stylus/cursor response- renders machine useless until restart.

Very unfortunate. I will be re-implementing 6.3.19-6 (which is still very buggy), and hopefully actual working drivers will be implemented soon.

Re: Major Problems with all mac drivers (including 6.3.19-10 OSX) for MSP 16

Posted: Thu 26. Jan 2017, 19:21
by chrisclose
I am with you on the frustration with the Wacom Drivers although my issues seem different.
Each update adds nothing in terms of solving issues and I have followed all instructions including deleting Photoshop. Initially using an old Intuos I was told ~I needed to shell out for a new Tablet to solve the issues - it did nothing, other than cost me £290.

I seem to have a lag in the cursors ability to move horizontally across screen. Visually the cursor moves as normal but when in Mail for instance I select the mail I wish to view it will instead open another Mailbox opposite the actual mail I wish to view. ie the cursor has moved vertically but not horizontally. Surely an easy fix.
Positioning the cursor mid sentence is not possible. It simply selects the entire line.
Windows will minimize when trying to select them from a background.

I am not even onto the issues in Photoshop which again seems to be a lag issue which by all accounts has plagued Wacom for years.

Sorry I have no solution despite trawling the internet and trying every work around.The latest driver released yesterday has done nothing that I can tell.

Re: Major Problems with all mac drivers (including 6.3.19-10 OSX) for MSP 16

Posted: Fri 27. Jan 2017, 10:14
by wacom1
Which driver version do you use ? Current drivers are 6.3.20-8 for OSX and 6.3.20-5 for Windows. Make sure to uninstall previous drivers, restart and install the new version from a direct download.

Re: Major Problems with all mac drivers (including 6.3.19-10 OSX) for MSP 16

Posted: Fri 27. Jan 2017, 16:44
by maxforward
Currently I'm running driver 6.3.19-6 on Mac OS 12.2.2 New Macbook Pro '16 on my very expensive MSP16. From what I have been able to determine it is the most stable, usable driver for my setup. I am dealing with the Wavy Line issue/bug the best i can- by SEVERELY compromising the quality of my artwork and complaining loudly to other artists at my work so that they are not tempted to adopt this cool-looking but non-functioning new hardware.

Wacom, having being burned again and again by your driver 'updates', I must admit, I'm AFRAID to update to 6.3.20-8. I don't have time to troubleshoot this stuff anymore. All I have to do is read reddit/wacom and any of the dozens of other forums (like this one!) in which people are complaining about 6.3.20-8 the same way that they are complaining about all the drivers that came previously- you know, the ones that were supposed to fix the problems caused by the previous driver, that was supposed to fix the problems by the previous driver. And by the way, my Wacom Desktop Center assures me that my driver is 'up to date' despite being the older 6.3.19-6. So there's another bug to address.

please read this:

and this

and this

ZERO people in these forums have said "6.3.20-8 fixes all the problems, yay!" Instead, it is quite the opposite. Hence, my hesitation to even try it. We are not Beta testers for this stuff- we are industry professionals and nobody wanted it to turn out this way but this driver issue is pulling your good name through the mud.

I can't help but notice that it took 23 days to receive a official response on this post. Many others receive no responses at all. We are being ignored, that's pretty much how it appears from our point of view.

We aren't nagging computer illiterate newbies who don't know how to install drivers properly or don't know how to look for the latest drivers. The drivers themselves are the problem. Your customers are suffering and we need help! Please fix the known, widespread issues, and please hurry.


Re: Major Problems with all mac drivers (including 6.3.19-10 OSX) for MSP 16

Posted: Wed 1. Feb 2017, 22:01
by beckonmuse
I am sure that most of you have already tried what turned out to be the solution for me. I was having really rigged and jaggy lines and I was really frustrated after doing a lot of reading on reddit, etc. However, one thing I did not see anywhere on the net as a suggestion was checking Photoshop's `Snap To` settings. When I disabled snapping my lines were beautiful and the tablet worked as expected. I know that I am talking to pros here, but I know that if google landed me here then other novices who are making the same mistake will also. Now, the suggestion is out there.

MacBook Pro Retina 15, Late 2014
MacOS Sierra 10.12.3
Intuos Pro Medium (2016 Model)
6.3.20-80 Driver

Re: Major Problems with all mac drivers (including 6.3.19-10 OSX) for MSP 16

Posted: Thu 2. Feb 2017, 11:53
by wacom1
Thanks for the info - evryone with wavy lines in Photoshop should check this.

Re: Major Problems with all mac drivers (including 6.3.19-10 OSX) for MSP 16

Posted: Thu 2. Feb 2017, 17:25
by maxforward
Thank you Beckon for the suggestion- just tried turning off snap to and snap in photoshop, but it didn't work to resolve the wavy lines.

From what i can tell, the wavy line bug is exacerbated when I:

-Draw in a zoomed out view
-Draw slowly

so it helps to draw quickly, and zoomed in- the lines look more or less normal. BUT its still a huge problem and I can't believe so much time has passed and its still an issue! This was fixed in driver 6.3.18-4, btw, and then reintroduced in all the latest driver 'updates'.

I have bought and worked on an Intuos 3, Intuos 4, Cintiq20wsx, Cintiq Companion and now an MSP16. I have never struggled with these kinds of driver issues before now. For Wacom, I have these requests: update the Mac OS Sierra drivers to fix the wavy line issue immediately so that the people who have been loyal to your company for over a decade don't have to feel foolish for supporting you. When you do, include that note in your driver release notes, so i know whether to bother with trying it out. And please, test your future updates with a Mobile Studio Pro and Mac- it's mind boggling how these updates even get released when they cause as many bugs as they cure (like the 6.3.18-4 update curing the wavy lines but CAUSING sticky expresskeys- its like you are trying to punk your users!)

such great potential, hampered by the smallest nagging inconsistencies- BAH!!

Re: Major Problems with all mac drivers (including 6.3.19-10 OSX) for MSP 16

Posted: Wed 15. Feb 2017, 01:56
by mannadavide87
Hi everybody,

Same issue even for me. One month ago I bought a new Imac 27" 5k retina at the maximum setup and after updating to sierra my nightmares started. I had an intuos 4 for more than 10 years without problems at all but since Sierra it stopped working properly: sticky buttons, program crashes and several issues that let me took the decision, yesterday, to buy a brand new tablet convinced that the problem was the previous one too old and, to my idea, probably broken after moving house. So yesterday I spent my last savings to buy a cintiq 13" hd and, with big surprise, my nightmare became even worst.
After installing the brand new tablet with the latest driver (6.3.20 etc etc) everything looked fine since I realised that the brush strokes in Photoshop cc 2017 are horrible because of the wave issue plus it's impossible to assign commands to the express key for any of the adobe Apps because, even creating the preferences, the software won't recognise them umping straight away to the default application settings.... I downgraded drivers 10 times in 2 days to quite all the versions available for my model and none of them solved the Lines issue.
Honestly I don't know what to do anymore. I spent all my money to get the best setup possible and in the end I am in a worst situation as I can use the tablet but with terrible results... I wonder if a chinese non branded tablet was probably better than my actual solution.
I really love wacom products and that's why I decided to upgrade but honestly they have to find a solution. It's really frustrating when you spend shitloads of money and the first thing you have to face are the ongoing issues dated 2009.
I even wrote the Apple forum in order to see if they have a fix.
One thing I can assure is that the bug seems affecting just Photoshop and sketchbook. I used Studio Manga and corel painter and the strokes are perfectly smooth no mater what size or zoom are you looking into the canvas so that makes me think that the issue is related to the three graphic leaders brands(and most expensive): Apple, Adobe and Wacom. And just because they are leaders I hope they will find a fix as soon as possible to all this bullshits before somebody start asking for money back!
Cheers everybody!